MFS no longer launch

I was able to launch and play MFS, although pretty glitchy.
However, after I update the windows, MFS is no longer playable.

It stuck in press any key screen. I press the key, the ring appear, then it back to this and looping.

I reinstalled the game, problem persists.

The windows is 1909

Your Windows version is your problem. If you had read the instructions you would know you need Windows version 2004 which came out back in June.

Is the 2004 update fully deployed yet?

It has been fully deployed since June.

I had to force the update in July, since it wasn’t available for my PC.

there are 2 bit of spinned question, first, if 2004 is madatory, so how come I could play it in first place? Second, the 2004 is not push to my system anyway, so…

No you don’t need 2004 at the moment.

Some, Update, I noticed that MFS size in Xbox became 158G instead of 127G, so I reinstall the MFS (again). It launch the game successfully, however it would give following command:

then forcefully shut down.

So where did you see 2004 as a minimum requirement? Windows 1909 is the minimum if you look here -

However if you look here the minimum is 18362.0 which is 1903! -

But it’s certainly not 2004.

I’m running 1903 and have had no problems. Both 1909 and 2004 were/are featured updates, not forced ones so they shouldn’t really be a requirement anyway.


Try this. I was wrong. The minimum is 1909. Upgrade to 2004 and you won’t regret it.

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I’ll update to 2004 as soon as possible

Im using 1909, literally 0 issues so far only 1 CTD in an airport that is currently broken.

A friend is running the game on exactly the same specs as me (but he has more memory) and is getting terrible performance on 2004. Im waiting.

Really nice to hear that, I havn’t encounter any major issue other than this, but glitches goes everywhere…oh, apart from horrible performance…