Mfs202 Updates

They should update a few things #1 get rid of that dam annoying toolbar at the top of the sceen pops up even when you move your mouse fix it so it don’t show unless you put he mouse right over it.
we know there is a 3rd party program to fix this but update this and fix it without having to use a 3rd party program.

#2 Give us the Boeing 737-800 for god sakes it’s the most used and popular aircraft and was in all the previous simulators why in GODS name leave this out, WHY WHY WHY??

#3 update this so we can do emergency landings, like water landings and emergency landings on highways and all that why make the simulator detect this as a crash when you water land yes still have it crash if you don’t land right and otherwise would be a crash but not eliminate ability to land on water for emergency simulations…

#4 fix the flight experience, meaning the sensitivity and reactions, people are having to turn the sensitivity down on their controller and it still doesn’t fix the problem because it’s not a sensitivity issue it’s how the aircrafts reacts, it’s like the aircraft wabbles too much and jerks when you pull the nose up or down, it reacts unrealistically, i’m a real pilot and no aircraft ever reacts like that ever…

#5 allow people to connect together in multiplayer so players connected can sit in the same plane, like having a pilot and co-pilot this would be awesome, it can be done easily so this should be put in , i was hoping for this when i heard this was coming out but was disappointed when i realized players could not connect together in a co-op situation this would be awesome if you can play with your friends and be the co-pilot…


Can’t comment on #5 because I don’t use multiplayer, I agree on #1, but not on the remaining points.
I hope you don’t fly in the mental state you were in when you wrote your post.


Suggestions are not bad, but it is not how it works in this forum.

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Sequal32/yourcontrols: Shared cockpit for Microsoft Flight Simulator. (

That’s a shame someone flagged you. You made some very valid points. The word “awesome” is incredibly cringeworthy!

There’s a mod for #1


really can’t agree on the remaining points, such as the boeing 737-800, i don’t know any simulator made that doesn’t have that aircraft except the New Flight Simulator 2020, how can you see you can’t agree with them leaving that out?
all my other points are valid, those are just a few i have more but those are the top main points, that would have made the simulator much better, and they could have done it easily.

To Say i hope you don’t fly in the mental state i was in lol funny. let you know, i have worked for American Airlines for over 27 years as a pilot, flying Airbus A330-200, Airbus A321, Airbus A319, Boeing 737-800, Bombardier CRJ-700,
and to be honest who ever designed the dynamics and realism in MFS 2020, didn’t do a good job at all.

I can tell you first hand the the realism is just not there.
The aircraft in real life doesn’t react like it does in MFS 2020.
Any one who owns MFS2020 and doesn’t have real pilot experience flying such as the Airbus is not qualified to agree or disagree with my comment on that, you have to actually have flown these aircraft to be qualified…

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yeah very funny ha ha ha ha

That’s pretty cool that you fly for AAL, my Dad has flown for American Eagle and is currently with American Airlines. He has flown the Metroliner, Saab 340, Jetstream 31, MD-80 and currently on the 737. I let him have a go at the PMDG 737 NGXu and Zibo 737 and he really likes it. I’m really excited to let him see the NG3 when it comes to MSFS. As for why a 737 isn’t in MSFS? Well, my assumption is if you look at what MSFS offers out of the box a lot of it is pretty modern and in this case it would mean the MAX and I think it’s pretty obvious why it’s not included.

yet another 3rd party program, goes to show They could have added this easily.
Point made i rest my case

Thank you for this.

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Interresting… What plane(s) do you fly IRL?

There’s at least one mod for that already.

There are a few key threads about this subject. If you could fix one thing, or point out the sims biggest defect flight model wise, what would that be?

You can already land on roads, rooftops (I thought it was an aircraft carrier), just not water. I wanted to play Capt Sully too ;p Though the ability to use ATC and be able to declare an in-air emergency is defiantly missing.

And where are all the telephone poles, radio towers, etc. when are they going to finish the bing maps part of the sim?

Anybody can claim that. :wink:

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What’s cringeworthy :shushing_face:

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