Microsoft Copilot AI as a copilot in MSFS

Microsoft Copilot is a very powerful tool for productivity, and it would be incredible as an actual copilot in MSFS, where it can perform copilot tasks in the cockpit and even take control of the aircraft and land it if requested.

With Copilot in MSFS, flying in an empty airliner cockpit will forever be a thing of the past.

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I agree with this, it would be a great addition either through speech or by text input

I’ve been thinking of this too, either a native or 3rd party AI copilot so we could conversationally ask for certain tasks or actions.

There is probably quite a bit that could be done through language models that would be harder to program the traditional way. The possibilities are enormous.

I’ve been keeping an eye on that ChatGPT ATC project.

MSFS would be a perfect title for showcasing AI in a game title. I suspect the dev team has been contemplating such things. Everyone in tech is these days.

I have implemented this in an add-on, you can ask the “CoPilot” for example:

“What do we see outside the window?” or
“Tell the passengers we are about to land” or
“Tell me more where we flying to” or
"What’s our heading?

I constantly improve the add-on but it looks promising as the AI is getting better

What is your add-on? Is it available yet?

Yes, it is part of FSXFollow

There is no single product called “Copilot”. It’s a collection of different AI assistants built specifically for different products and services. You can’t just magically add it to MSFS.

But you can customize an Assistant so that it understands flightplans, directions and the current position of the plane.

Sure, but it’s far from plug and play. That’s basically what Beyond ATC is doing.

Sure there is. It’s a stand alone GPS program that’s been around for decades and was popular in the trucking industry for truck specific routing. Microsoft just stole the name. I was actually confused when I first heard about the Microsoft thing because I am a trucker that has used Co-Pilot way back when.

As to the idea of an AI co-pilot, no thanks. I’m perfectly capable of improperly navigating, communicating, and occasionally lawn darting my aircraft without computer assistance.

I’m not sure I want the MS copilot as my Co-Pilot. It may decide to start composing a novel on the theme of “ATC in the style of Heathcliff” when I’m trying to land at Heathrow… :laughing:

It is not aimed at ATC but more about handling the plane and informing the passengers

Can your tool do things like set flaps? That would be kind of cool.

I could see a language model be trained against simvars or bindings. But those things can be plenty buggy.

Yes, it can :slight_smile:

I am all for it but let’s start with arleast having a crew as a standard thing in all MSFS / Dev planes.They could have different outfits for airliners,business jets,military aircraft and G- suits for jet fighters.Empty cockpits really look strange and bland.

What else do you expect the tool to be capable of?

I haven’t thought much beyond just being able to conversationally ask a virtual copilot to do various flight related task.

I think it might get kind of complicated to be able to ask for the copilot to load and approach in the nav system or something like that. But something like that would be cool. :grin: Like get your approach from ATC and then tell the copilot to set and arm the approach.

Basically anything you would find two pilots doing in the real world.

I am getting closer to the tool I wanted to create.


Now you can request airport services using AI

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