Microsoft Flight simulator 2020 Featuring: the JRF–6B Goose by Big Radials

Rather strange question, but how do you break the engines on the Goose, I took her up for a flight yesterday, not sure what I did wrong as I was reducing the prop rpm so not putting to much stress on the engines but after about 7 minutes the left engine died on me, smoke started coming out, white at first then turned black, i was able to return to the airport i took off from and landed with no problem after cutting the engine, but could not stop the smoke, no I see there is a fire extinguisher and i was curious to see if that stops the smoke, please don’t tell me, I want to find out for myself, so today I deliberately tried to cause an engine failure, running the engines at full power at full prop rpm for extended period, but they just would not die! I was throwing her around, she rolls quite nicely if you have enough altitude but loops are tricky but whatever I did I could not replicate the engine failure. Is there anything specific that can cause that to happen?

Had engine fire also, tried the extinguisher: it would switch between engines, but it apparently needs to be pulled out to actually start to work. Tried all manner of push/pull/click but to no avail. Anyone able to make this work?