Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 - Announced

Confirmed by Microsoft to be a BRAND NEW SEQUEL (Its not an update)

Official Information:

Today’s trailer was a short teaser to introduce Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024. We are excited to share much more information about the next generation of the Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise in the coming months. We have been monitoring your feedback to the trailer very closely and apologize for our delayed communication. We would like to take the opportunity to address some of the most common questions we’ve seen.

Will Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 be a completely standalone sequel, or will it also be offered as a paid update for existing players?

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 is a standalone simulator and the next-generation sequel to Microsoft Flight Simulator that launched in 2020. Current aircraft and airports that are in Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020), as well as virtually all Marketplace add-ons, will be supported in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.

What kind of support can Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) players expect to see once Flight Simulator 2024 has been released?

We will continue to deliver our Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) Roadmap which has content ranging from Aircraft and Avionics Updates, Sim Updates, City and World Updates, and also the free Dune DLC . We will continue to support Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) post the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 launch.

Will all purchases users have made from the Marketplace be transferrable to the new simulator?

With very few exceptions, virtually all add-ons that work in Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) today will function in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024. Add-ons that were purchased from the in-simulator Marketplace will not need to be re-purchased in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.


I noticed improved visuals and lighting. Unsure if it’s a new sim, or just an update. Hoping that it’s a new sim :crossed_fingers:t3:


I hope a new update / addon.


Apparently its a new sim… :o

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We payed up to 90 dollars in this game, why it can’t be an update for MSFS? Having to pay the same ammount again? Pls no.


I also hope it’s an addon/DLC, it would suck if this one was left incomplete.


Its a brand new game, the description of the video says this basically. :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope it will be addon for MFS 2020 or other way i quit. They told us they will support 2020 for years .


You can keep saying it but that doesn’t make it so.


Coming 2024 - the next generation of the legendary franchise. Join the aviation adventure in a groundbreaking simulator developed for Xbox Series X|S and PC

Look like Metro Exodus, Enhanced Version.

But in case it is a completely new version and hundreds of current add-ons (Fenix, PMDG, Sceneries… ) will not work with new version, it would be a huge waste of all time.


But they never said what level of support did they?

Maybe being able to file a support ticket is all we will get. I honestly don’t know what is going on with all this.


Career mode is definitely exciting! Hopefully they will clarify whether it’s an add on or a new sim. If it’s a new sim, will our marketplace purchases carry over, and will third party support migrate well into the sim. We will see soon enough.

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So HYPED! I noticed:
-3d localized trees
-Environmental upgrades like fire, tornados

Mind blown! I am so excited for this. MS / Aosbo literally promising continued support of this franchise and they’re delivering in spades. Could not be a happier simmer right now.


Why would they if it’s a ‘new’ sim? Our FSX stuff didn’t carry over to this one did it?


You won’t be if you can’t carry over the amount of money we’ve put into 2020


There really needs to be an announcement on what this product entails for existing users, including for addon compatibility.


Not a chance it’s a new sim. Just an update/new branding. (update: it appears I am wrong. Sigh)


For me the question now is, should I invest further in MSFS? Buy new addons? Not knowing if they will work in MSFS2024.


This is it. A new sim would be marketing suicide I think


Remember boys and girls, the promotional marketing stuff always looks better than the real deal. Let us not forget the clouds in the beginning.