Microsoft Flight Simulator add-on sales and discounts

There are numerous topics focused on specific past sales, but we need a general catch-all topic where we can posts MSFS sales and discounts. This way folks can post sales as they see them, and we can set a “Watching” notification for the topic so we don’t miss any great discounts.

Post any discounts you find here. If a percentage off is listed, that’s useful for folks who might use different currencies. Links to the sale are of course helpful too. And of course, if you see something particularly cool in the MSFS Marketplace on sale, please add that here as well!


SimWorks Studios is currently running a sale experiment through April 2023 on their excellent Zenith CH701 STOL aircraft, selling this awesome bush plane at a price that’s 90% off! Price from their website is currently $2.49 as I write this, and it should be available soon from the MSFS Marketplace for $2.99 as well. [EDIT: Sale is live now and apparently it’s just $2 in the Marketplace!]

I paid full price for this when it released about a year-and-a-half ago and have no regrets. SWS has kept it up to date and added features. It’s an amazing bargain at the price of a bottle of soda!

(Plus this is an experiment about how well pricing an excellent product at a very low price works for sales, so obviously it’s in our best interest as MSFS fliers to have that experiment succeed! But you’ll be getting a great plane, especially if you want to land in tight spots, in doing so.)

Lots of cool YouTube videos showcasing the real 701, if you want to see if it’s the right plane for you.


Also, a general note on a running discount if you own the Deluxe, Premium, or Premium Deluxe version of MSFS: I went to look at what was on sale on Marketplace as I created this topic, and spotted the Savoia-Marchetti S.55 for $9.99. Then I discovered it’s not actually “on sale,” but there’s a new 33% discount on first-party (Microsoft-published) aircraft in the Marketplace for buyers of those versions of the sim. I have most of them already, but I’d been eyeing the S.55 and now I own it!


The XtremeAir Sbach 342, an aerobatic aircraft akin to the Extra 300, is currently half-price at, at $8.49, through April 5. And $9.10 on SimMarket, if that’s your retailer of choice.

I haven’t flown this one, but the page shows regular updates and a pretty good rating.


Thanks for starting this thread!

This month, Virtual Fly is discounting their SOLO GA1 panel and SWITCHO radios by 15%. The discount is only for people who subscribe to their mailing list, so I do not feel right sharing the code here because that defeats the purpose of their promotion.

However, you could join and get the code yourself. I actually don’t know how to get on their mailing list. It might be this page. Or if you want, you could try contacting them.

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Speaking of hardware (thanks, @N316TS), just got a note that the Tobii Eye Tracker 5 is 15% off in their Spring Sale through April 19, 2023. That’s $220 US.

I’ve had one for about a year and it’s fantastic. Works so much more smoothly for me than TrackIR ever did, and no need for reflector hats or IR emitters on your head. I use it whenever I’m not flying in VR. It’s particularly cool if you have an ultrawidescreen monitor. MSFS has native support for it. I have it set basically as 80% head tracking, with eye tracking turned down for “homing in” on specific instruments, etc. (Also, it can sign you into Windows Hello using face recognition, a bonus feature I love and didn’t even know I was getting.)

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Good idea for a thread @Editer :slight_smile:
Subbed and I will contribute what I can. First off this just popped up - Spring Sale from Got Friends

Spring Sale | Got Friends Products

Website: Discounts Available Now!
In-Game Marketplace: Discounts Available Tomorrow!

Got Friends’ Deals:

  • Gee Bee R3 Special: $15.00 $5.00 (USD)
  • Edgley Optica: $20.00 $10.00 (USD)
  • Discus-2c: $15.00 $10.00 (USD)
  • Wilga 35/80 Series: $35.00 $25.00 (USD)

Enjoy this limited time spring sale until April 21st! Now is your chance to get some of our hottest aircraft, like the Wilga Series for it’s lowest price-to-date.


code below


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Just Flight have a sale on starting today until Tuesday 11th April (4pm GMT)

Orbx Direct just launched their Easter sale too. Hundreds of items apparently but you’ll need to search deeply, as a lot of the featured ones are for Xplane :slight_smile:

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  1. Re, the Maule, not the right topic for this – this is for discussing discounts :slight_smile:
  2. Marketplace updates typically happen around 4 pm Pacific Time, so check back later in the day.

As for sales, The Technam P92 is on sale for $10 at SimMarket. The early versions were freeware on, but this is significantly enhanced over those.

Lots of great stuff on sale at Just Flight (edit: Baracus250 beat me to it!), though most of the discounts are a mere 20%, so mostly useful for stuff you were planning to buy anyway.

Marketplace Spring Sale is supposed to start today; I’d expect it live around the time of the update mentioned at the top of the post.

EDIT: Marketplace Spring Sale is live!

Hint to digital retailers from someone with over a decade of experience selling digital games and add-ons: You will make a lot more money overall and gain more new customers with discounts of 25-50% than you will from 10-20% discounts. The larger discount is dramatically more likely to trigger a purchase than a slight saving.


How right you are :slightly_smiling_face:

There were a couple of things on Just Flight that I would have bought at a 25% discount but a 10% to 20% discount on them didn’t really interest me enough to buy them.

The thing is that I have so many addons that I will only buy something now if I am super interested (cost not that important) or if it is pretty cheap (if I get bored with it then nothing much lost)

Great thread, thanks! The Spring Sale in the Marketplace just started! “For 15 Days starting on April 6th, you can save up to 93% on more than 1100 items.”

Too many to list here so go check out the Marketplace to see if there is anything there for ya!


Just Flight is having an Easter sale .

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Too many items in the Marketplace sale to list them all, but it’s totally cool to highlight particularly good deals. I’d held off on the Flight Replicas P-40N because I already had the Inibuilds and Big Radials P-40s (those are on sale too!), but I love FR’s planes, and this discount was beefy enough for me to add a third P-40 to my hangar! Great deal.


That 93% marketplace discount on the Simworks Zenith CH701 STOL is crazy. I really wasn’t looking for another single engine STOL craft, especially tricycle when I’m more into tail dragging.

But I’m going to buy any aircraft that costs less than a coffee and is decently modelled, just because I’d be stupid if I didn’t.

It’s cheaper even than the discounted paintjobs for default planes. I think everyone should buy this!


They really need to spruce up their app. Not just the visuals, it’s so hard to find all the discounted products.

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I now use the Discover tab in the OrbX app, anything on sale shows up as red. Trying to find the sale items in their lists is just irritating, like you say, they need to update their app - maybe add a sale section.

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Aerosoft Easter Sale | 20% off

Starting now, you can save 20% on many Aerosoft products for MSFS and X-Plane as well as Honeycomb hardware! For even more specials, click here.

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