Microsoft Flight Simulator Aerobatics Club

Hello and welcome to MSFS Aerobatics Club,


you can join by visiting our discord server:


you would be trained 2weeks max after you joined our server. Until training you will receive a Trainee role so that i and other trainers can make our plans for training


in our club you can do aerobatic flights with other pilots, you can chat for fun and one of the trainers will be engaged of teaching aerobatic aerodynamics to you!


Let me introduce you to myself! I am Kristian Karachorov, my dream is to become and aerobatics pilot in the thunderbirds. I know a lot of aviation and i know fluent English so i can explain them to you. Currently (2021) i am 15 and i fly a glider.


As this club is new i would appreciate if you contact me for moderator/trainer contact me on this email:

                                 Hope to see you soon!

Hello there, I want to join your club but the link is expired. will appreciate another invite)