Microsoft Flight Simulator does not have the mouse as yoke function.

Microsoft Flight Simulator does not have the mouse as yoke function.

I have used the flight simulator since it was on a 5 1/4 inch boot disk, and since then I have bought almost all versions of “Microsoft Flight Simulator”, and in the last 2 versions, I have used the mouse as yoke function.
Yes, I bought the 2020 version, but to my surprise the mouse as a yoke function is not there.
Is this simulator a good simulator? The answer is yes, however its developers have forgotten, the inclusive philosophy of the previous versions where anyone could use the simulator, from a child, a disabled person, or an accomplished pilot.
That’s unfortunate for the community, as it limits this simulator to a very small segment of the world, which essentially has some purchasing power and technical knowledge in aviation. This policy must be changed for the benefit of many of us for whom this is our “hobby”, which has accompanied us a good part of our lives. Asobo and Microsoft must understand this by first enabling the mouse as yoke function, and enabling functions so that even the disabled and in general anyone can enjoy as they have done with previous versions of the flight simulator.

Howard C. Pearson Berrick.


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You may be interested to know that there is a wishlist thread for this very issue here:

You may find it worth a browse as it also contains some tips for what one can do in the meantime, especially this post in the thread: Please add mouse yoke

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