Please add mouse yoke

some people prefer to fly with using a mouse yoke it be an amazing feauture for mfs2020 please we all hope you add them soon

Does the game have mouse yoke like X plane 11? (it is where you can use the mouse to steer the plane from the cockpit)


I really need this feature since my setup is simply mouse and keyboard. FSX had this feature (CTRL-Y), so I’m really hoping this sim has it too. Is it possible to use the mouse as yoke?


No Mouse Yoke like in previous versions. I believe it may be possible with 3rd party add-ons, such as “Lorby-SI AxisAndOhs”. @LorbySI would be able to add more regarding this.


yes, AxisAndOhs provides a mouse flight control option (yoke, rudder, throttle, spoilers). I have yet to download the official shop version of MSFS though, so the AAO app is currently still under review. There have been reports that SimConnect based applications cause FPS degradation and stutters in the MSFS release version, and I have to check that first.

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Oliver Binder


Dear community,

I would like to thank you for this amazing brand new sim!

As I am disabled, I have to fly with the mouse yoke mode instead of a joystick. This is available in FSX, P3D and Xplane.

Could you please add this function for the futur update? For exemple by clicking on the yoke or by adding a button or a keyboard touch to activate this mode.

Thank you very much.


I agree! Even the much-maligned MS Flight product could be easily flown with the mouse without sacrificing mouse view and control. I am disappointed. I have a MS Sidewinder joystick, but even it has to be manually configured.

I am going to try to change the number keys to view control and map the mouse axis to the alerons and elevators.

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Please share your approach with us in case you can figure it out. Would very much appreciate it as I am in the same boat.

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I wish the product specs said no mouse as yoke feature available at the time. I simply would not have bought the program. As much as I like it. I cant take a box of peripherals everywhere I go or move them to every room in the house. That would shorten significantly the life of my laptop. Please bring back the mouse as yoke feature. Thanks.


I got FSX since the day it got launched here. Spend hundreds of hours on a joystick and when it broke I moved to mouse yoke and have used that for the past 5 years.

Today I got FS2020 and I can’t even fly because of the keyboard. A mouse yoke would be such a small effort to make this game amazing again.


The game is literally unplayable for me. They need to add mouse yoke control like all the other flight sim games. FSX was so much easier to play.


Thanks, that seems to work for now.

You can actually map control surfaces to the mouse. However; since the camera is controlled by the mouse I don’t know what kind of side effect that will cause when you want to look around. Perhaps they can add an “on and off” switch like FSX had? (think it was alt + y ) so there wouldn’t be a conflict. I don’t know if there would be a conflict since you need to “right click” to look around, technically. But I haven’t even tried it yet so I don’t know.

So I have remapped the controls. It doesn’t really work. It’s CRAZY sensitive even with my mouse sensitivity turned all the way down. :slight_smile:

And it’s all jerky like it’s pressing the keys. It will not do anything then I am almost doing a barrel roll. In addition it means I cannot use the mouse for anything else as there is no ability to switch it off like there was in FSX. :frowning:

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How did you map the keyboard controls to the mouse?

So you go into the controls menu. Select the mouse. You then make sure you have selected “All” on the left (by default it shows assigned).

Then just assign roll left to -x, roll right to +x, pitch up to +y and pitch down to -y (if that’s the way you want it). :slight_smile:

It says that it’s already assigned to something (look around) and you just verify and continue. It means that you can no longer look around. Even if you hit the right mouse button to look around it still activates the pitch, roll etc.

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This method seems like it doesn’t work exactly the same as mouse yoke, because there is no fixed center position of the yoke, and mouse movement will only move the yoke by a random amouny.

Not all of us can afford to pay high prices (country dependent) for joysticks and stuff, so a mouse yoke feature like in FSX would be highly appreciated by a lot of simmers.
It´s basically impossible to simulate flights without the fine tuning that mouse movement provides. Please, bring back mouse yoke control.


Correct. :slight_smile:

For me to buy a half decent yoke and throttle it’s like $800. FAR outside my budget.

And yes there is no “center” position, but it’s still 1000 times easier to control than with a keyboard.

Thank for your reply.

You can find a temporary solution on Youtube searching " Mouse yoke option for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020" (unable to shared link here.
Here is the reply from the dev team I mailed:
"Hi Amioman,

Thank you so much for the feedback. We have a lot of things in the works regarding accessibility and I believe this is one of them. Regardless I will make sure the team sees this feedback. Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out to us and share your concerns. Accessibility is very important to the team and I know they will be happy to see this feedback. Have a great week Amioman.

I hope they will respect their commitment…