Please Microsoft add mouse yoke in the game!


The new fs2020 is just awesome, the graphics are just impressive cool, but if there’s no MOUSE YOKE!!! I can’t fly, so why buy a flight simulator game if you can’t fly the planes? Ask one of your developers to try to land a plane on the keyboard, it sucks, it isn’t fun, I don’t want to buy a joystick to play, I just wanna have fun on the game, I’m not becoming a real pilot to buy expensive simulator joysticks, and I let here my note, my money is saved here when you guys add a mouse yoke just like FSX I’ll buy the game, I have 100% sure there’s a lot of people just like me waiting for this.


Much agreed I can’t believe any development team worth their salt would drop the mouse for keyboard, so it must have been someone in management, is my guess. Very bad decision. rudder is unusable, and elevators and ailerons are oversensitive as well. Impossible to make fine adjustments as you can with a mouse. There is a third party workaround using the free Virtual Controller, but Microsoft should have put this in the simulator in the first place. No good excuse that I have heard.

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Thanks for agreeing with me, we need more people, if 2 ask this it maybe seems less but if 100 people or maybe 1000 people ask they will listen to us.

You may be interested to know that there is a wishlist topic thread, which is voteable, in the wishlist forum for this request/suggestion.

The thread can be found here:

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