Please add mouse yoke

I have the same problem, amioman. I got SMA ii

The reply amiuman got makes me sad.
On the 13th of July 2020 I got the answer from microsoft support, that there will be mouse control.

"You can setup controls to your Mouse, though I have not personally tested this so I am not sure how well it works, or what challenges you may face when doing so.

Sorry I couldn’t provide more specific information regarding mouse controls. Closer to launch we should have more information on peripherals so please keep an eye on our website and social media."

I didn`t find any further information and buyed it in that believe. I have also reopend my ticket für July but still waiting for a reply.


The video @amioman is talking about ^^


I began simming with the mouse yoke. If it were not for mouse yoke, I would have never gotten hooked. I used a mouse for years. It’s the noob’s control. I’m mind-blown that it is not included with the base game.
I can’t fly with keyboard controls to save my life.

Thankfully, I now do have a true yoke now. However, sometimes I need to do a small test flight or got limited time, it is just easier to use the mouse for control rather than plugging in a bulky contraption right in front of me.

Who knows. Maybe it’s just me.


I have some fond memories of flight simming with a mouse, with auto-coordination turned on. FS4 is where I started.

These days, a joystick (especially one that has a rudder twist and a throttle lever) is probably something to look into IMHO, even if you have a yoke for the more in-depth sessions.

I have indeed been looking into a stick. Would indeed solve my issue.

However, still, for those who are casual or who do not want/can’t get a stick… Mouse should be an option as it had been for literally every other sim I can think of. Even casual arcade games use the mouse.


I agree. Sometimes I want to do a casual flight without all the hardware cluttering my workstation. The MS Flight product had a great mouse yoke scheme. I don’t remember about FSX, but In my opinion, the mouse control for X-Plane is a very bad example.

I hope they look at the controls for MS Flight.

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Me too! welcome!

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there is a sticky post somewhere that explains how to use mouse yoke. I did the same for a long time in X-plane :slight_smile:

Yes, I know flight sims really ought to be played with peripherals like a joystick or yoke. I actually used to sim with peripherals until I started moving around a lot around the world where eventually it just stopped becoming feasible to own extra hardware. Previous sims like P3D and FSX had a pretty good mouse yoke system that was perfect for minimalists like myself and was quite suitable to operate most aircraft including study-level crates like PMDG or FSL. So, I was a little disappointed when I can’t for the life of me find this feature in FS2020.

While FS2020 does have still retain keyboard controls, it is also unusable because inputs like rudder autocenter.

I did manage to get around these issues by turning my phone into a controller, and it works really well, probably better than any handheld controller out there because the sensors can handle the various axis for pitch and roll smoothly. But the mouse and keyboard setup was still the most ideal, from an ergonomic point of view.

It would be nice to bring the old mouse yoke system back, and to have an option to get rid of Autocentering. Just wanted to throw this feedback out there. I can live without it, but I would much rather have it back.


The mouse yoke system in Microsoft Flight was excellent. You could use the mouse to change the view, click buttons and return to flight control without losing control of the aircraft. The mouse yoke in X-Plane is overly sensitive and it is very easy to over control (and crash).


mouse yoke a necessary function ,let’s hope that the developers will definitely add this feature soon!


mouse yoke a necessary function ,let’s hope that the developers will definitely add this feature soon!


i am sure it is must be added by the developers , similar to how it was in fsx / p3d(Y on/off yoke).

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Please add mouse yoke to the game. We had it in FSX and it was fantastic. Please do this for your customers’ choice and convenience - things which will make everyone love you - especially for those like myself who play on laptop and cannot lug around and extra peripheral everywhere we might go.


Hello everyone, I’m a low budget FSpilot who doesn’t own a joystick… the control of aircraft using keyboard is really hard…
back in FSX, it had something called mouse yoke, activated by ctrl+y, which you can use your mouse to control the aircraft, now I’ve searched in the settings and didn’t find… is there nothing like it in FS2020?
if so, flying would be very difficult for me :frowning:


There doesn’t look to be a mouse yoke option as of now. There have been quite a number of topics/requests for this though and hopefully they will look into it. It looks possible through an external third party application though: Is there a way to use the mouse as yoke?. If you have a search, you should find a few ways to use an external app for it.

It’s crazy this is not an option. Every sim before had it if I remember correctly…I had to spend hours setting up vjoy and a freepie script to do it! It’s not perfect but works OK, and so much easier than keyboard to control. Crazy!

thank you everyone… guess I’ll spend some money then :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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I’m using an xbox controller and then mouse for details. If you need to spend money but don’t want to spend a LOT of money this might be a good solution (pretty sure you can find new xbox controllers for 30-40$). The Keyboard controls are atrocious.