Mouse Yoke and Rudder Autocentering

Yes, I know flight sims really ought to be played with peripherals like a joystick or yoke. I actually used to sim with peripherals until I started moving around a lot around the world where eventually it just stopped becoming feasible to own extra hardware. Previous sims like P3D and FSX had a pretty good mouse yoke system that was perfect for minimalists like myself and was quite suitable to operate most aircraft including study-level crates like PMDG or FSL. So, I was a little disappointed when I can’t for the life of me find this feature in FS2020.

While FS2020 does have still retain keyboard controls, it is also unusable because inputs like rudder autocenter.

I did manage to get around these issues by turning my phone into a controller, and it works really well, probably better than any handheld controller out there because the sensors can handle the various axis for pitch and roll smoothly. But the mouse and keyboard setup was still the most ideal, from an ergonomic point of view.

It would be nice to bring the old mouse yoke system back, and to have an option to get rid of Autocentering. Just wanted to throw this feedback out there. I can live without it, but I would much rather have it back.


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