Mouse Yoke Support


I have managed to get mouse yoke support working unofficially but its a complete pain in the **** and its not perfect by any means.

Has there been any word on any official support like with FSX with the CTRL - Y , MOUSE_AS_YOKE_TOGGLE command?

Can’t believe they left this out…

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Hey @nevs11. Many others would like this as well.

Suggest you use the #self-service:wishlist subcategory to let the dev team know what features you want to be added or improved.

Start by searching the category to see if someone has started a topic about your idea. If they have, open the topic and click the vote button to show your support for their idea. If your idea is brand new, then create a topic explaining the feature, include the what and why.

You can view the most wished-for ideas here. Thank you.

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