Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS2020) vs Real Life | Wing View Landing in Orlando Int'l

Hey All,
Can across this on Youtube. Amazing


Pretty impressive for sure.


:thinking: … and which one was the simulation??? :sweat_smile:

OK … seriously now: for me another proof of the fantastic work done in this simulator - in spite of all improvements that have still to be done.

Thanx for posting :+1:t2:


If you up the aerosol density in the sim and add a few more clouds, it’ll be virtually indistinguishable.

How can you not be impressed by this? I thought I saw the same alligator in one of those ponds in both shots. :wink:


When it feels like a “spot the difference” puzzle, you know it’s getting pretty close.

As stated above, the slight difference in the weather conditions possibly affected the perceived colours in the sim version, water for example, and there were a couple of industrial units/warehouses missing just before the airport, but what a fantastic comparison.

Thanks for sharing that.

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The low FPS and stuttering/freezes are a far bigger giveaway IMO, and a far bigger issue than any minor differences in appearance. Sure, closer to reality is better – but we’re at the point that the best areas in the game are a lot more than simply “good enough” now!

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Too cool! Thanks for sharing!

How did you start the landing replay? Or flew right ear forward?)

let’s be real, even with the bugs that will be fix i am sure, this simulator is a peace of art. this is microsoft on his highest level. people forget that microsoft started this long time ago and the other platfom took after them. they are back to claim their supremacy in the sim world. i enjoy this sim so much , i don’t reget any penny of my money spent to be ready for this. fantstic microsoft.


Don’t understand what you are trying to say to me?

How can someone NOT BE impressed - means People should be impressed - a positive comment.

Did I misunderstand you?

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The biggest bother for me is how the ailerons barely move in the sim. Getting pretty close though.

Can you guys imagine MSFS in a few years when main issues are gone and the world is updated? Third party mods? We all know how FSX and XP to can look and feel like complete different simulators, imagine the same principle applied to MSFS… wow :exploding_head:


TCX ( RIP) 17L right over my house…!

i sure can imagine that, it will be mind blowing. just completely fantastic