Microsoft Flight Simulator History

Seeing a post asking about the history of flight simulators, made me want to see if I still had all of my past Microsoft Flight Simulators. Actually my first encounter was before Microsoft began developing flight simulators. The SubLogic Flight Simulator II came with an Apple 2 C that I bought second hand in 1987. I was very pleased to see that I still have every Microsoft Flight Simulator produced since the Windows 95 version. I also had the first Combat Flight Simulator but lost that one. Anyway, this might serve as a bit of nostalgia for Microsoft Flight Simulator enthusiasts. Or just a bit of history for those who love flight simulation as much as I have.


Wow!! Great memories. My first sim was Flight Simulator 4. I’ve played pretty much every one since.

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I certainly remember having FS2, FS98 FS2004 and FSX, though may have missed a few in between. MSFS is fantastic, but I didn’t think it would take nearly 40 years to get to this point.

“Didn’t think it would take 40 years to get to this point.” Agreed!! Every time the next version would be released, it would require a pc not yet in production in order to fly smoothly. And, although the graphics were always another step in the right direction, it always still seemed too “cartoonish.” I do believe MSFS has finally matured! And yes, it has been quite a long wait.


And don’t forget Microsoft Flight.

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Was “Flight Simulator 4” a Windows 3 version? I missed versions between the 5 1/2 floppy for Apple, until Windows 95. I would never have seen the SubLogic floppy disk version had it not been included with the Apple IIc that I bought second-hand. Fps on that one? Ha! Maybe a single frame every 2 seconds… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yes! I had that one too! I forget because there was no cd’s or dvds.

I had fs2 on Atari ST. Came on 2 floppy disks as I recall.

As I recall, Microsoft Flight Simulator 4 was released on 3.5 inch floppy disc. I don’t remember what version of Windows I had back then but I had a lot of fun with that sim (somehow even with the simple graphics–green for land, gold or silver squares for cities.)

Cool. So fs was developed on gaming platforms way back then.

It was for PC only, I think.

FS4 was also my first flight sim. Seems to be just few years ago…

Sub Logic was my 1st.

No such term as “fps” back then! :grinning: Maybe frames per minute? I’ll have to boot mine up (I still have my Apple IIc). I’m guessing may be 12 fpm?? :flushed:

Yeah, it was 1984 and my parents bought me an Apple IIc with a copy of Sublogic Flight Simulator II. I flew that thing all of the time and had a blast learning the VOR. Of course, I couldn’t count the number of times I took off from Meigs Field and buzzed the John Hancock building. I did not have a joystick and my landings were horrible, but it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. It would be fun if that version was somehow released again.

Edit: My above comment got me wondering if I could find a download and it looks like there is one. Going to give that a try.


That is awesome! Did you play that attack game that had you flying an old twin wing open cockpit plane? It let you dogfight and drop bombs on the enemy landing strip. I would be interested to know if the download works out. I’m going to post a picture of my Apple IIc, I booted it up last year just to see if it still worked. It does!

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That’s where I got my start- trying to land at MDW from Meigs. I was happier than a kid in a candy store that my hometown airports were in there. At least I never CTD’d on that sim…

Omg! The fs2000 manual! Such a great manual even to this day! I used to read that before bed when I had school in the morning and even took it to school with me…

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