Microsoft HQ in Redmond, WA

I was flying from Boeing field to see if the MS Headquarters is there. Has anyone found it? I thought I was going the right way but I didn’t see it. Maybe I didn’t fly far enough.

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It’s left of Bellevue which is left of Seattle coming from the south. You should see a bunch of skyscrapers left of Seattle which are Microsoft buildings. Then left of that about 4-5 miles is Redmond. The campus looks mostly like a university campus really. Haven’t flow there yet so not sure how good the photogrammetry is.

Thanks! I appreciate the tip. I’ll look for it.

Microsoft’s main campus is actually east of Seattle and Bellevue.

Seattle = Bunch of skyscrapers to the west of lake Washington (also includes the Space Needle).
Bellevue = Smaller bunch of skyscrapers east of lake Washington (this also includes a few Microsoft buildings).

Just north of Bellevue runs the WA-520. If you follow it west across the lake you get to Seattle. If you follow it east instead it curves towards the north into Redmond, and that’s where you’ll find the main campus.

West of the 520 you’ll find this group of buildings next to a soccer field:

That’s the Microsoft Commons (basically a small mall/food court) in the middle surrounded by Studio A, B, C and D, and building 92 (the visitor center).

East of the 520 you’ll find many other Microsoft buildings, many of which don’t exist anymore in real life because the campus is being extensively remodeled so right now it’s just a construction site. Also missing from the sim is light rail construction and a new pedestrian bridge across the 520, also under construction. I suppose eventually the photogrammetry data will get updated with all the new construction. :slight_smile:

I work in Studio A, the building on the bottom right of the four similarly shaped buildings surrounding the commons. Well, normally I do; currently I work from home along with most of the rest of Microsoft. :wink:

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And if you’re wondering how realistic it is, here’s a picture I took from an actual Cessna 172 a few years ago (from the opposite direction):


Thanks! I appreciate the picture. I was looking for the old white multi-story building that, I think, FS2004 had there instead of one-story. That’s why I didn’t see it.

Omg… See this is why I probably shouldn’t fly in RL… I mean right and say left… Sorry it’s absolutely not in the ocean yet …

Most Microsoft buildings are 5 stories. That’s the building height limit imposed by the City of Redmond.

Microsoft does have some taller buildings in Bellevue. You should be able to see them in the sim, they have the MS logo on the side.

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Obviously constructed during Covid shut-down, 520 devoid of any traffic mid-day! :wink: