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I got the updates last week (July 27,2021) for the lastest version of MSFS. I tried it and all was working fine. I went on vacation and shut my computer system down for a week. Today I went to fly and It would not load. The icon in the windows start menu was grayed out. I went to Microsoft Store and checked for updates. It started a download and then quickly changed to complete, then back to downloading, then back to complete. Over and over again it did this. Anyone else experiencing this?
here are screen shots of the Microsoft Store:

Any help is very much appreciated.

For me, store got corrupted during weeks of non flying activity. Think but cannot prove any aftermarket virus and firewall does it. Try uuninstalling any aftermarket virus/FW software, make sure to clean out all the files/directories and kill any process in background still running. Then restart, and try again. I ended up having to rebuild Laptop from scratch using OEM USB Recovery disk. Took 5 days to get back and my way, then 20+ hours to download game. If it craps out again, it stays off PC period. Too much work.

I have not added any other software. Any firewall on my computer (desktop) is what was there from Windows 10 installation. Antivirus programs are the same I have been using for years. The only thing that changed on this computer was the update from MSFS. Why would things change on my end so drastically after an MSFS update? What you suggest doing sounds difficult and possibly unnecessary but I appreciate the information. I will do more research into what you suggest and post it here.


Same here. Now I always keep an additional copy of the files, so I can just copy them into the folder.

YOu mean you make a duplicate of your Microsoft Flight Simulator files and then uninstall then reinstall putting those files back in the MSFS folder?

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Yes, I do that. But no I dont uninstall, just after install, I copied the files in another location. :+1:

Oldradar - I hurt my hand/shoulder and could not fly game for about 2 months. Pluse the bugs got my mad up. So aside from keeping it up to date, did not fly it much. When I went to install V5, I had installed Zone alarm and later took it off. That could have done it in my case since ZA blocks some of the MS Store updates from coming in. After feasco of V5, my system runs faster, but the temps in the GPU are higher than previous. I can get them down by turning up fan speed to Turbo, but then noise is louder.

Backup install files is a good idea, please detail where they are and how you do it please. That would keep a lot of us from pulling out what little hair we got left. Thank you in advance.

Hi, I usually have fixed this issue by running wsreset.exe (type in your windows search bar, run as admin) and let the prompt do its thing for a minute. It should then pop up the Windows store. Restart your computer, and continue the update from there. DO NOT “cancel” the download as you will lose your files for MSFS.

I will give that a try. Thanks

And if it happens that the files wipe again, You do the following: Start the installation again and choose a new install path, start downloading and quit after few seconds. Then copy the files into the new install path. Then run again and install is done.

“OPTIMIZED FOR XBOX…”, what a same!

Okay, I did the WReset.exe and now the screen when I click on Microsoft Flight Simulator in the Microsoft Store shows this:

However there is no way to run the program.

You are right where I was at. Could not fix it. Tried to reset PC, nope, had to reinstall from OEM state using USB Recovery Drive. Now game runs but seems to be hotter than before for GPU. Still testing things. PMDY-787 two flights one crash, the other too bad to mention. 747 one flight, landing would have torn out gear, but got her down. Used to be able to fly these perfectly. It was all by hand, no navaids nor AP selected. Game has less stutters (almost none), but it aint like FSX. I might be too old to do this, reflexes aint like when 30. Keep practising I guess. Good luck on getting it to work. Oh, if you zendesk your issue, it will offer a sort of fix, but most of it you have done. I did try to uninstall the store, and then reinstalle it, but fouled that up, hense the reinstall of the OS from OEM. Believe latest W10 Build prevents successful uninstallation of store and then reinstall of it. But aint no expert.

Try going to settings, apps, scroll down and click no gaming services, hit advanced options, terminate, then repair and or reset.

There is also a registry deletion you can do if that doesn’t work…do a google search and should be able to find the instructions.

Also…if the sim will not update, log out of the xbox app and log back in. I fought these issues for days this weekend.

Huh… first I’ve seen that one… can you try running the command again (as admin)? Then ensure you close the store via Task Manager, and reopen.

NOW, after trying to install the update from Microsoft Store over and over all day, the icon for Flight Simulator has disappeared from my start menu and I get an error message when I try to install in Microsoft Store. decided to uninstall and reinstall with a clean start and now there is no icon for it in the Apps settings menu nor are there any files in my AppData folder. It is as if it has already been uninstalled. But trying to install from Microsoft Store gives me an error Code: 0x80070424. I have submitted that to Microsoft but from what I see that is a common error code for lots of things. So much for the $$$ spent on the peripherals needed to have a great flight! Anyone know how to recover from this short of a Clean install of Windows? If that is the case, I will no longer be flying because I do not want to reinstall all my other software!

Aug 12 - Store downloading “Gaming Services” and MS UPdaate at same time doing updates. Again, Store-Gaming Services = Will not download, will not update, and again Game will not open or run… If I have to rebuild my PC for this game to work, well I am not. I am going to chock up the 1200 dollars not counting the new laptop costs as just MS/ASOBO being ■■■■ software and going back to FSX. I am leaving this forum as well. Because I cannot contribute to it, if I refuse to play this game. It’s just not worth the discomfort. Good by all. This is the second time in less than 3 weeks, the “gaming services” has locked up my ability to play this game. I’m DONE.

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