Microsoft virtual desktop

Anyone have any info/experience with Microsoft Virtual Desktop? Good or bad performance ? My GPU took a dump 3 months ago . Wanted to get new GPU but Some1 brought this up to my attention
As far as basically paying monthly subscription to setup a virtual hardware account through Microsoft . Please give me some feedback for those who either know or have experienced it .

Thank u

You desktop/Windows environment runs on Azure server someplace other than your PC… It’s not anything you would want to run a application like MSFS on. Great for business with lots of DT systems but for home use it’s cheaper and better to run a full windows system with a dedicated GPU.

We were looking to use Microsoft Virtual Desktop to use for test environments internally. The REP I talked to said that they will be offering versions later that will include higher end GPU’s. So this may be possible later. Not sure when they are going to implement it.