Microstutter FBW

Hi guys, i have microstutter when i use only fbw, not with pmdg. How to fix it?

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do you have any cockpit mods/high resolution liveries installed. after a clean install some days ago, noticed that the stock fbw gave me like 10 fps more than for example the 8k lufthansa cockpit mod and much smoother…

I dont’ have any liveries

I’m not sure if you could fix that. The FBW mod likely is not as optimized as the PMDG b737.

Also compared to the FBW it has no outside connections to web based services which the FBW has (simbrief, moving map on EFB, mcdu link, link for printer and an upcoming external terrain height map.

So the mod is more performance hungry by design as the b737 is intended to also work on Xbox Series S.

I have i7 10700k, rtx3060ti and 32gb ram…

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Same here. 311 hours with it and still not able to shake those micro-stutters. Obviously it didn’t stop me from flying it, but they do get annoying.

PMDG 737 and the CRJs are as smooth as it gets, always been for me.

Delta2k5 might be on to something here in mentioning the cloud connection to Simbrief since both the CRJ and the 737 don’t rely on that.


Hi there I have the same issue - whether in SU9 or SU10, all other aircraft including addons such as the Salty and the Heavy work with very few stutters at fixed 30 FPS mostly high settings, and some ultra, LOD 150 / 200. With the FBW A320 I get these micro stutters regularly, especially when taxiing - I tried turning down settings to the minimum “Low” turning off live traffic and the like and they are still there. I understand that the FBW A320 is complex but if it were an issue of CPU load, surely it would go away by turning down LOD from 200 to 30 or so. Makes it very annoying to be having downward spikes in GPU usage and FPS dropping from 30 to 28 or the like very briefly but every now and then and not knowing what is causing it. By the way, setting lower max frame rate also does nothing it is just shifted to lower levels.
i7 9700f RTX 2060 sim on Nvme, packages on SSD, 32 g RAM, 2k monitor, FPS vsync at 30.

Make sure to be running on DX11.

Exactly, mee too

I use only dx11

I know so much that I will then only use the 737 …
even to me only in the taxiing phase and they are annoying because they are not continuous, but every now and then and last less than a second! now I give up

I did another thread for this 3 months ago. Don’t know why the devs can’t fix this :frowning: … every other airlines (pmdg, crj aerosoft, fenix a320) run without these disturbing stutters…

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Me too. I will use olny pmdg

Near the ground or when taxiing I have a big stutter every 60 secondes ( approximatively) without CPU or GPU load problem and only with FBW A320.


Me too, the problem is fbw…

Maybe some of the dev’s from FBW can say us something about that?

There are optimizations coming. That’s all I can say.

Because it isn’t a matter of going into a configuration file and decreasing the number of stutters… it is all very dependent on the user’s computer, what version they are on, which other addons they run.

Optimization is also a continuous, non-trivial task, which takes time.

Users may very well experience better performance with the Stable version - has anyone here tried this ?

Yes, same problem with the stable version.