Microstuttering at almost 65FPS

Hello everybody. I don’t want to open the millionth thread on the subject of “stuttering”, but for me it’s quite strange and I hope for help.

2 weeks ago I reinstalled my Windows 10 64Bit. I have freshly installed FS2020 with all components (IVAO, payware Aircrafts, ORBX sceneries and Airports, REX Weather Force, Freeware, TrackIR, FSplayground etc.) and recorded my flights with OBS (see my channel on Youtube: Flying Acehole). Everything went super consistently with Vsync FPS 60 at 1920x1080. With a few exceptions, my graphics settings were on Ultra. Everything went really well for a week. No problem. CPU and GPU performance and temperature were and are in the normal middle range. …no problem. Until 3 days ago. Then the Fs2020 began to stutter. As soon as I change something in the graphic, the stuttering stops … and starts again after a few minutes. My NVIDIA settings are on default, only maximum performance is activated. The game started to stutter without changing anything in the game or windows. No new installations. Nothing. My System: I7 9700K 4,9GHz / RTX 3060ti / samsung ssd 970 evo plus / 32GB / watercooling. does anyone know why this can be?

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