Migman's World Tour ... for sightseeing enthusiasts

Sightseeing has been a big part of the fun of flightsimming for me for more than 30 years now. Initially, I expected the MSFS Bush Trips would fit that need, but in view of their inflexibility (fixed plane, time, weather, hidden flight plan) combined with the numerous bugs (I found me prepared for VFR at midnight!) and usually lacking until nil documentation of the routes I lost interest in them (yes, I know there are a few tricks to handle some issues, but still).

This way I was curious when Migman’s World Tour hit my eyes. That’s basically flight plans for interesting spots of the world, which alone perhaps wouldn’t be worth mentioning. However, they come with comprehensive pdf documentation of every trip to prepare your flight, which you can read and see offline in advance, contrary to the Bush Trips Navlogs. During flight those docs can be referred to on a 2nd machine/tablet without cluttering the screen, that’s what I prefer, or using an in-game pdf viewer like Sky4Sim Pad.

Besides, you’re not bound to that strict Radials/Timer Bush Trip navigation which of course IS VFR but at times draws your attention from enjoying POIs and stuff itself.

Remark: You don’t get a badge should you need one.

Disclaimer: I am in no way retated to Migman but just a customer.


Well said, and I agree completely. I share your love of sightseeing in MSFS (and IRL again too, soon I hope). I too have found Migman’s world tour flight routes to be a big help in exploring well-known areas as well as many hidden gems. I know Europe pretty well, but I still find great places I never knew, and Africa is full of wonders I hardly expected. The other day I was flying in Switzerland, one of my favorite places IRL and in the sim. I flew the World Tour route from Buochs (LSZC) around Lake Lucerne and vicinity. I did it once with January Live Weather and again setting the time back to fall. It was beautiful both ways. I made a quick video and wrote a blog post about my experience.


Thanks guys, I appreciate your feedback!

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