Mike Patey's Draco, Scrappy and Turbulence

Anyone else looking forward to The Patey planes coming to FS2020? I most definitely would pay for a decent DLC of any of these planes. image2-640x427


Lol he’s got the models of most of the aircraft. Just need A2A to put 2 and 2 together!

yep hope he gives the detailed plans to a mod designer

He could make some $ off it for the next rebuild after he stuffs the new one in a crosswind.

The best short take off ? DRACO IN ACTION! Flying Cowboys Adventure (Part 2) - YouTube
Who make it on Flight Simulator ?
FSX have project no finish: Mike Patey's Draco for FSX and Prepar3d Flight Simulators - YouTube

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That was incredible! Thanks for sharing!

Not sure why this thread has popped up again after 8 months ?

Regardless, people should watch Mike Patey discussing why it has taken him a year to settle on a wing design. it will give an insight on why a simulation designed by programmers with some pilot input is never going to get it right without aeronautical engineer input:


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He is a nice guy, I’m very sure, he will give the plans, when someone asks him who is seriously able to create such an addon!

I just modified a PZL-104 80x to fly like one for now, you’ll see me flight testing at Nellis AFB.

Hello all Devs SCRAPPY would be awesome in the sim!!!

Or hey MS/Asobo make this happen PLEASE!!!

We NEED these in the sim like we need water to survive

MS bought the rights from Patey, Got Friends has an aircraft ready to rock and a representative from Got Friends informed me that they would be sued if they published their finished aircraft. Asobo will sit on it till MSFS 2024 assuredly. I modified a Wilga to fly like one, including landing gear tanks, turboprop performance, increased wing area, rudder, elevator , cord, etc.Takeoff/land is a runway width without a headwind, you can drop the tires on the line with a 10 knots…


@Dragintail5603 Where is the source on Asobo/MS buying the rights to the aircraft from Mike Patsy? Keen to know more.

A Draco would be a nice addition. What a beast.

From the support Discord.

“Al3X | entpro__ — 07/23/2023 2:48 PM
IIRC there is no Draco (officially) in development at all, as Microsoft owns the rights and don’t begrudge us”