Milviz C310R Instrument Lighting using

Hi All,

I’m not sure if this is a bug with the lvar or whether i’m doing something wrong, but I’m having issues configuring the Flight Instrument Intensity Dial using Spad.Next.

In, i’m able to set a button or knob on my stream deck to increase or decrease the intensity of the light. When I use the physical stream deck to adjust the intensity, I can see the knob increasing or decreasing in the sim which is what you’d expect, however, the light on the instrument panel won’t actually turn on or change when i’m adjusting the knob. It will trigger if I change the knob in the sim, but when the knob is moved from the stream deck which changes it in the sim, the light intensity won’t change.

Eg. I’ll change the intensity from 0 to 100 using the stream deck, and the knob in the sim will move accordingly, however the light won’t turn on. If I go into the sim and move the knob even one click counter clockwise, then the light turns on at the intensity I set using the stream deck.

It’s as though there’s another lvar or way of activating the light itself that i’m missing. Although, when I use the data monitor I don’t see anything other than the lvar 310_sw_lights_flt_inst changing.

Any ideas what the issue could be?

I haven’t had time to look at the c310 lighting yet but you’ll often find either or both of these things happening that causes an issue like you are reporting. From what you say it seems more like number 2.

1 - The knob animation and actual light control use different variables.

2 - There is a light intensity var and one to turn it on/off. You need to action both.

I thought this too, however, I can’t find any other variables. I’ve tried some from MSFS, some from Simconnect, and there doesn’t appear to be any others for the 310 that I can find. I’ll keep playing around and report back if I have any luck.

Yay… got it working.

I basically did the following and I’m using the knob of my Stream Deck Plus;

Added a clockwise knob event to change the data value of 310_sw_lights_flt_inst as Increment by 5. Added in the same event to send a simulation event of custom_light_potentiometer_set, and tied it to the data value of 310_sw_lights_flt_inst lvar. Then created a new knob event for the decrement by 5 doing the same thing.

Now when I adjust the knobs on my stream deck, the light intensity changes for the Instrument lighting.


Thanks for your help. Two heads work better than one sometimes.

I just had a quick look myself out of curiosity when I get round to the 310R lighting. What you found is the same for all 4 pots but be aware that you will need one extra step for 3 of the 4. If the light is fully off then you also need to turn the relevant light area on by using the panel, glareshield or pedestral light on event. The aircraft also turns them off again when transitioning to a pot value of zero using the off variants of the same events.

So going back to what I originally said those 3 are a mixture of 1 and 2 and the fourth one is just 1 only.

I’ve had the same problem with the TBM, the lights simply don’t work unless I use the in sim switches, and I’m trying to use the saitek switch panel. I can’t find any variable to get them to turn on with the physical saitek switch. I’m very new to I’m sure I’m not looking in the right place for the right lvar or simconnect action. But I can’t work it out.

I did post a question about it but got no answer.