Milviz PC-6/Honeycomb Alpha - Setting Avionics 1 & 2?

On my PC-6 with Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo, I haven’t yet been able to assign the Avionics Bus 1 and 2 on the Alpha Yoke to activate the Avionics 1 & 2 switches in the cockpit. Works in every other aircraft I have. Otherwise, other PC-6 switches and levers are responsive to the Alpha and Bravo settings.

What’s the secret for the avionics switches? Thanks for any thoughts.

It’s very possible that they’ve bound them to other sim variables. I’ll ask in their Discord and post here if they reply. I’ve been wondering myself. If you have SPAD you can apparently monitor which variables are being triggered when those buttons are clicked in sim, but my trial is expired so I’m not sure.

I asked for variables to be made transparent and/or a list of bindable variables in the support forum. So far no response other than that it needs to be forwarded to the devs. That is my only gripe left with the plane. I just do not like to fiddle about in the cockpit with the mouse. In times of stream decks and the likes being able to bind functions is super easy. I tried it myself but with the tools available (Lorbies AAO and guesswork) I did not make it too far. Maybe someone with the more powerful event monitor from spad will figure it out :slight_smile:

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