Milviz Pilatus PC-6 Porter

Thanks for the update. Hopefully it’s won’t be delayed too deep into Q3.


I bought the PC-6 because of the PROMISED update with floats & steam gauges.
Waiting…Waiting…1 year after release you may deliver it?!
Dear Milviz, that is embarrassing.
I’m surprised again about another company NOT delivering what they promised but already took my money.
I hope it is my last time being surprised of such customer “care”.

But if I think about it:
Great business deal: Sell a unfinished product with a promise of Stage 2 but don’t work on it / deliver it. Better to work on a new product to sell the new one, than deliver a promised update.

You lost my trust. Today I was sure to buy the C310 with the 5$ off, but NO. You won’t get any money from me.


@Asmodus2683 - You might want to have a look at this post in the other Milviz Porter thread.


We also have an issue with our model/paint team… 2/3’s of them (25 people) are in the Ukraine and they are under fire… so… please excuse us for the delay… Stuff happens. Sometimes we can deal with it by going another route and others… we can do nothing but hope for the best. This is one of those times.


Thanks for your answer.

Of course, I understand that. It is a tragedy and I hope the best for your team in Ukraine.
Thx for this clear communication.

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Porter Stage 2:

Development is ongoing, but we are a bit behind schedule.

Hope to have some pics with the floats in the coming weeks.


Service pack is nearly finished!

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Will this support either of the 750 addons?

Probably both.


Lookin’ good! Can’t wait to see it - I need to fly the Porter more. It’s a fun airplane!

I wonder if the model/paint team for the Beaver are also in the Ukraine? If so I can’t see it making the November deadline either.

Good news! We’re going beta with Phase 2 of the PC-6 late next week! Yay!


That’s not really news. It could be in Beta for another month or two. Please just tell us the day before the update is actually being released rather than continuingly drip feeding information which doesn’t mean anything.

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Wow. Well, sorry but no. I’ll keep on posting news (as I see news) because that’s my job.


Indeed, please do keep posting exactly as you have been. It is always good to get some info of any kind and much appreciated by the majority of us. Cheers.


In general, any communication from developers here on the official forums is good stuff. Not only does it give us an idea of what’s coming down the pipe, but it gives us a chance to interact with you!

(cough cough) 737-200 /ADV :wink:


We’re talking about that right now (in a call)…


You just put a smile on my face. THANK YOU!


i don’t know why i can’t load a game with the milviz porter anymore. Loading gets stuck and never finish loading.

I don’t use the MSFS beta and i redownloaded the plane, no luck.

How can i find the root cause?


There was an update some time ago fixing that issue. Make sure you have the latest version.

Thanks. I do have MV_PC-6_MSFS_v1.0.9_220504 for which i received an email the 5th of May. Is there another one after that?