Milviz Pilatus PC-6 Porter

The Milviz Pilatus PC-6 Porter is fantastic! It has that intangible “feeling of flight” that very few Asobo and 3rd Party GA addon aircraft have. The Milviz Porter has that same feeling of flight that the JustFlight PA28 Arrow has. The sound package that comes with it is excellent, and the documentation is robust. It is simply a top shelf 3rd Party add-on.

If you are on the fence about buying the Milviz Porter…get it, you won’t be disappointed. The only quibble I have with it is that it doesn’t offer the MSFS 2020 custom registration number feature, so make sure the suite of stock liveries offered by Milviz or 3rd parties on have a registration number that works for where you plan to fly the Milviz Porter. I found a livery artist on to change the registration number on the Milviz zebra livery to use in Central Africa…


We’re glad you like it.


Agreed! Love the "holy ___ I’m in the air already? takeoffs. Neat plane for sure.

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How’s the phase 2 update going for it? and also any chance of incorporating the new propeller model?


Q2 and yes


My new giraffe livery over Sudan Africa :sunglasses:

Eullin Liveries


Omg the elephant livery is awesome!!!

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Fav GA for me.

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after months of courtship i did it, i bought the porter

did a couple of flights and i have to say I’m really glad is now im my hangar, wonderful plane, though something strange occured in both the flights

after the shutdown when the sim get back to the main menu it did crash. Never experienced something similar. No issues in any phase of the flight, startup o shutdown but when getting back to the main menu the crash happen (also when trying to restart the flight)

did anyone encounter this behavior?

If you bought it from the marketplace, you will have to wait for the Hotfix to be dispensed. That will fix it. If you bought it elsewhere… that would be awfully strange…

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thank you for the feedback. marketplace indeed, so it’s an hotfix already scheduled?

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It’s already with them. They have to process it and then it will go online.


excellent! thanks

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Could it be that the back-to-menu CTD was fixed by the latest SU9 hotifx? I know it got fixed in the latest patch for the plane itself, but I got aircraft from the Marketplace and as far as I can see it has not been updated yet. But I just flew from Snowqualmie to KSEA and there was no crash.

Hey folks - since the PC-6 has a KAP 140, some may be interested in this. A 14 min video tutorial on the KAP 140.

You also might like the KAP 140 mod!

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it seems to have fixed that though now when i hop on another plane after the pilatus the control are locked and not working (rudder, stick etc)

It’s great that the stage 2 release will have a steam gauge version, will consider buying it once that drops. Is there any chance that wear and persistence features like those seen in the 310 could be added too?

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Unfortunately not.

Mini update on Phase 2: We’re actively working on the SP for the C310 and once that’s out of the way, the coding for the Porter will continue. We’re going to be a bit late on the delivery… sorry.

Q3 rather than Q2.


There’s a suprise.