Mini freezes after update

After the last update is anybody getting mini freezes? It’ll be running smoothly at the fps I’ve set to limit and then it just freezes for about 10 seconds. And then runs normally again. And it keeps doing this the entire flight every so often.

I’ve noticed this, stutters almost like a lag or something?!?

Yes like a lag. For me it lasts 5 to 10 seconds though rather than a quick spike.

I had to give up the flight, couldn’t fly like that. Haven’t seen much on the forums about this, perhaps a bug. But likewise I installed the latest patch/update, hadn’t flown for a few days but previously I never got stutters like that.

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Had a look on AVSIM forums, something was noted on there which points possibly to a server issue, or some theorise that its to do with DX11. Maybe in off peak it may be ok. Its a strange one though as apart from this week, I have flown at peak times and havent had stutters till today.

I’m getting the same. Only (or worse) in some regions. Whilst recording the issue to report it as a bug I noticed that it does it in exactly the same spots, regardless of altitude, every time.

I was doing laps of the Mach Loop in Wales and it froze in exactly the same pattern and for the same amounts of time (2-4 seconds, with sometimes 3 in a row) on each of 4 laps. Weird!

I suspect then that if you flew over the same place again from the same direction you would also get the exact same freeze happen. Worth a try to see if you can bear the pain of it.

Ive been getting them too, like the sim is screaming slow down I can keep up. But the constant white spinning circle is almost non-existent now. Maybe they figured out how not to show the spinning circle, and now the sim just stops instead?

I too have started having these mini freezes constantly during a flight over Spain, really annoying… What server are you using? I am in North Europe.

Re-installed an OLD Nvidia driver last night, couldnt believe how good it was looking running. Shutdown, wake up, morning routine, sim looks like hell but is running smooth. Shutdown do errands come back start machine back up start the sim again, and now LOL it looks good seems to be running good, except now THERE’S NO ■■■■ SOUND! check another game sound there, check hulu sound there, check a local file still have sound. Fire up the sim, get on the runway power up and guess what there’s still no sound.

I get the no sound problem all the time. Haven’t found any solution save for just rebooting the entire computer.

For me it’s just flying the pmdg 737 on random legs. It starts on the ground and continues lost like a cycle during the flight all the way to the destination gate.

A couple of hours later tried again no reboot, no fiddling and it worked flawlessly. After these issues for all this long, I have to say that IMHO its on their end. And the fact that certain times of the day are more relevant to seeing these issues, make me have to believe its something between here and there and not your local machine.

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