Minimums Callout A320

Has anyone had a chance to check if the minimums callout works on the A320 with SU8?

Where do you set the minimums in the MCDU?

Also, this feature was implemented in the 787-10 as far as the patch notes indicate.

On the Approach page.

What exactly are the minimums, can someone please explain?

Minimum is the lowest altitude you can descend to, without having visual contact with the runway.
If you can’t see the runway at minimum, you must go around.
The minimum level is published in the approach chart.
There are two ways it is measured.
Barometric (baro) - determined by the pressure altimeter
Radar - determined by the radar altimeter.


I looked but couldn’t find it (possibly because everything is abbreviated). I’ll have to look for a guide on how to do it.

It’s “DH” option in the APP page


Ah ok, Decision Height. Thanks. :+1:

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Sorry for not being clear. It’s DH on the Approach page. The aircraft “should” annunciate “minimums” when you hit your decision height.

Has anyone tried it yet?

I’m not seeing that in the approach page. Does it work if I’m using the 787H mod?

Is not working unfortunately but you can try and open a thread in the wishlist asking for this, it will be really cool to hear this in the future!

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Decision Height (DH) is based on radio altitude and is only used for CAT II/III approaches. For any other approach type barometric altitude is used to determine minima.

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Considering you can’t do a true CATIII landing on the stock A320, it can be excused I guess.

What about the flybywire version?

With the Fbw, with Baro selected in the MCDU, you will get the minimums call out.

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