Missed approach procedures?

The navdata implemented in the sim is missing missed approach procedures entirely. The ATC menu gives the option to announce the missed approach and the published missed approach. The framework is there but we need it to be implemented into the navdata and avionics. I haven’t seen anywhere if Asobo has acknowledged it as an issue. Do you agree? Upvote please and we should get a response from them.


I don’t understand why there aren’t more votes for this. Is there another one that could be combined with this? FSX could handle missed approaches, when will MSFS?

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Personal observation: I believe this was implemented to some extent by the Working Title team on their very impressive CJ4 Mod. Theoretically, this could be a part of the Garmin 1.0 rollout now that they’re 1st Party Partners to the sim. However, there is no official roadmap as of yet as the Partnership is not even officially a month old.


Delivered in NXi, AAU1 and AAU2.