Missing a lot of new Airports

When will KLAS, EDDM and a lot others available into the Marketplace?

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probably never. Many developers don’t work together with MS/Asobo.
Most of the time add ons are cheaper if you buy them directly from the developer …

The next bunch of sceneries will most probably be released today.
It is very likely that we will see EDDM soon, as Aerosoft and Gaya are working close with Asobo.
Just be patient. There is a strategy when to release a certain scenery (region, GA Airport etc.)

Indeed, is it possible if MS and Asobo can vet add-ones faster into the Marketplace? Honestly I like to buy my stuff from the Marketplace as it is very convenient and least troublesome for myself

In the latest dev update they mentioned to have hired two additional persons who will help with this and hence hopefully approve bott new products and updates quicker! :slight_smile:

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