Missing Airport, Williston

The new Williston, North Dakota airport was opened October, 2019, New ICAO code KXWA

The old airport, still on the list in MSFS, KISN Sloulin is closed.

Please update with new airport.

I don’t believe they will or even can update any airport changes, that are happening all around the world. In my opinion too much to ask for.

Most of the airports in MSFS (around 37000 i believe), besides those few especially manually constructed airports with details, because they are important or wellknown airports, are being build by an AI program, which reads the available data coming from Bing Maps - and since satellite map images aren’t updated around the world every month, or even year or years, those normal airports will be as seen, as they are appearing in Bing Maps at the present time or if they weren’t there at the time those satellites took a photo of that area, then it won’t appear.

As long as Bing Maps satellites won’t take new photos of that airport area, nothing will change, except modders or 3rd party creators want to create such a new airport.

Looking at photos of this new airport - this is a really small airport. Not even Google Maps shows this new airport, yet, you still can see just fields, meadows or whatever was there before they started to build it …
There are many, many such airports around the world and they are not detailled either, they’re just AI autogen constructed, because the MSFS devs can’t build each airport in the world by hand.