Missing Airports Sent to Zendesk

It is not missing. It was closed in the early 2000’s. It should never have been there in the first place.

So they indeed fixed it by removing it.

I think Asobo is starting to purge all the closed airports they initially had at launch. WU6 has fewer airports compared to the previous build.

yes, I did, #125293

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Messolonghi Airport is not working for me as well. Trying to complete bush trip for achievement and can’t. Hope they fix soon

Yep, someone commented on that yesterday. It’s on the list and @rs38000 submitted a ticket to Zendesk.

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Use this workaround for the moment.

I have the Xbox xs so I don’t think that’s gonna work for me . Thanks tho.

GQNO Nouakchott Intl Airport, Mauritania. Opened 2016.

I see it in the sim as of Build but looks outdated.

Nouakchott–Oumtounsy International Airport, Mauritania missing to all intents and purposes - Bugs & Issues / Airports - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

No lights and few to no airport buildings

I found in the latest version all my local (HUGE region) airports are missing.

I don’t know every airport that is gone but in scrolling out the map a bit you can see it’s a huge area from north of Cincinnati, Ohio to South of Lexington, Kentucky and east and west from there. I have reported this to Zendesk. I fly my VA from some of these and thus screwed until they fix this!

All of the airports are there for me. I flew out of KLUK last week. Beautiful area btw. In the sim, KI67 and KI69 are known as I67 and I69. Do you have any 3rd party addons installed?

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Very odd. No, I have nothing installed. Literally just had to reinstall MSFS for the 20th or so time. That was yesterday that it finally decided to install and work (had been having issues since I decided to move SSD’s for a bigger one.) I ran it today and was going to start at KHAO and it was simply not there. Then, as you can see, I found all those others NOT showing up and not in my list. Must be a database issue and hopefully Zendesk can tell me what to do about it. I didn’t actually FLY the sim to see if the airport was there just not in the DB or showing on the map…I’ll actually do that right now and reply back once I find out…


Ok…so I flew the area. The airports are technically there. The buildings are there but the ground surfaces are NOT. What is there is the sat photos of the ground. And some, in the case of KCVG are like 15 years old. Back when the Terminal C was still there. It’s been long gone for many years now. Hasn’t been on Google sat images in many years. Going to update my ticket on Zendesk as I took a bunch of screenshots of the airports.

What happened to Girona Costa Brava Airport?It used to be there but now I can’t fly from it?

LEGE? It’s there. Are you using 3rd party addons?

Yeah I use a few addons from Orbx but none that I could see affecting this area?Only landmark packs for countries such as Australia or USA

Build added a few airports to the sim including 4 from the missing list above.

Just reported N85 - For at least the third time since the Beta. why its not on the reported list I don’t know. It is also not the tiniest of airports, normal GA airport, yet it is excluded. Close surrounding, smaller or private airstrips WERE included. N85 is a NORMAL public use airport.

N85 is on the list above but as KN85.

Missing Airports Sent to Zendesk - Bugs & Issues / Airports - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Missing Airports Lists (Part 1)


41.97800, -89.56000


23.39700, -75.49700


28.44900, -16.28500


19.90300, 105.47000


53.53600, -3.03000


51.54900, -2.30300


47.02200, -122.44600


34.67300, 43.54200