Balkans bush trip missed airfield LGMS in MSFS (Workaround)

I think after WU6 LGMS airfield is missing, so when you will land there you will not complete the leg.
The workarond is download from the collection of greek airfield part. 5

and copy the LGMS folder in Community.
Now you can complete this leg in Balkan bush flight.

Is this true? When I reach LGMS Missolonghi in the Balkans Bush trip all I see is the satellite image of a runway with generated grass on it, the airport does not show in the map and it won’t recognize my landing. I hope this works.

Yes it work. I tested personallly

Hello everyone, the team is aware of this issue. This should soon be fixed!


Thanks for the reply, I play in xbox, and I can’t overwrite the airport with the pack of, so I can’t complete the bush trip so far.


Same here. Playing on Xbox.
I’m all ready to proceed :expressionless:


Same issue here. Glad to see a workaround and a fix on the way., parked at that airport now.

I am playing from xbox too and I am looking foward to proceed this trip. :sleepy:


Still not working after hotfix


Yes it work. Its simply an addon airport to add in Community. Most probably you add it in a wrong way.

Will this be fixed for Xbox as well?

Also, any word on fixing the “My Way” achievement or has it been logged at least?

We also need weekly activities back. Xbox players aren’t able to get 100% completion because there haven’t been any to date :pensive: I think I speak for many when I say we want a fair chance to be able to complete all the achievements in the game.

Confirm, workaround works just fine! Fixed my progress.

Land where the airport should be and end the flight. Main menu and then exit the sim. Extract all airports from the bundle into your community folder and restart the sim and continue the bush flight. You outta appear straight on the runway.

These steps worked perfectly for me on PC.

The only thing was upon restart the mixture was reset to cutoff and I had to restart the engine manually.

It is not fixed as of today. Continuing on the balkan bush trip is broken for now. I roamed around the aiport just to end up finding this post. It’s been the second approach, there are a bunch of trees in front of the runway whoose bounding boxes seem to reach far higher than what is visually displayed.

It’s a bit annoying since this is the 3rd bush trip that is completely bugged since SU5.

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The leg from LGPX to LGMS is bugged in other ways, the smart came targets and GPS nav directions don’t work at all. While bush trips are meant to be played visually, it’s annoying that the cam points to some random direction whenever the smart cam is used.

Not sure if this has been updated at all, but I was able to land at all these locations. Some are just patches of grass, not even runways, but they still checked off progress for the leg. One I overshot and taxi’d back to the grass patch just to be safe, but it still checked once I stopped moving.

Many of the legs wouldn’t allow AP to follow GPS course but I could still enter a destination and set heading based on the displayed bearing. I also regularly get a light roll to the left but just figured it could be wind or torque (not being that familiar with all the details).

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UPDATE finally finished the final leg of the trip and no achievement, despite finishing every leg without assistance.

This sim is frustrating. I hate when nonworking, hardly-even-related things steal my motivation for something. I’d rather the game had no achievements than a bunch of broken ones, then I’d just be interested in learning to fly instead of annoyed.

Amen to that NV. Just finished Balkans Bush Trip…nada. zip. zero.