Balkans bush trip missed airfield LGMS in MSFS (Workaround)

I think after WU6 LGMS airfield is missing, so when you will land there you will not complete the leg.
The workarond is download from the collection of greek airfield part. 5

and copy the LGMS folder in Community.
Now you can complete this leg in Balkan bush flight.

Is this true? When I reach LGMS Missolonghi in the Balkans Bush trip all I see is the satellite image of a runway with generated grass on it, the airport does not show in the map and it won’t recognize my landing. I hope this works.

Yes it work. I tested personallly

Hello everyone, the team is aware of this issue. This should soon be fixed!


Thanks for the reply, I play in xbox, and I can’t overwrite the airport with the pack of, so I can’t complete the bush trip so far.