Missing Basic Scenery

I have two strange problems related to Sceneries.
The first problem concerns the area near Monument Valley. There I have added a mod to the community folder that makes the famous rocks look very realistic. The disadvantage is that the areas between the rocks look like a green unrealistic meadow. Now I have removed the mod and the green meadow is still there. What could be the cause?
The second problem concerns the city of Las Vegas. Here I have put two mods in the community folder, which are supposed to improve the lighting on the one hand and on the other hand have certain improvements of the watercourses as a goal. The problem is that all the famous buildings in Las Vegas are no longer there, there is just an flat area. Again, I have removed the mods from the community folder, but the problem persists.
Interestingly, I have many other items in the community folder that do not cause such problems.
I’m also not sure if the mods mentioned above are really the cause.
I’m not sure I’ve made myself clear enough for you to draw any conclusions. Do I need to reinstall FS2020 under any circumstances?

first remove Everything from your Community
this is Always the First step with issues, it eliminates the possibility of some conflict among the mods themselves allowing you to test some issue specifically against the assumed or expected cause
then go and delete the rolling cache if you still have that turned on (default is on)
finally, with the game turned off, find your “LocalCache” folder and delete the contents of the “SceneryIndexes” folder
this may not help but i have seen issue with lost photogrametry sometimes if say im working on scenery and reloading multiple times, this fixes that issue so may help you

my SceneryIndexes folder is located here but yours may be elsewhere depending on install

Thank You very much for your advices.
As you can see from my text, I have already implemented your first advice by deleting all entries in the community folder. (I did not only remove the affected entries).
The other tips from you I will implement immediately, thank you for that!

Many many many thanks!
Your advice has put everything back in order!!!

This info is a really big help to me too. Thank you. George

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