Missing cell phone towers, VORs

I’ve noticed that cellphone towers are missing from the scenery, as well as odd depictions of VOR’s. These are items that are used as navigation landmarks in VFR navigation. Is this something that is going to addressed as updates are made. Comparatively, FSX had no problem putting radio towers in mostly the right spots.


There a lot of missing antennas/towers on South Mountain in Phoenix. It is impossible to miss them, especially at night (see photo). I’ll wait until the developers get a few patches out before I log a request at the Zendesk. I think they have more important things to work on right now.



completely right.
Very useful when flying VFR


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In the same idea : high voltage electricity pylons are missing too. Those lines are also usefull for vfr. I think it may be possible to find public data to add this in an automatic way.


Yeah I’m really missing the Radio, TV towers. Theres quite a few of them in my area in south Florida over 1000 ft tall and there all missing.

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They could easily add them back at least in the U.S. The FCC’s license section has a public database complete with heights and exact coordinates. Don’t know if there’s similar info for elsewhere in the world.


Radio towers, power lines, and lighthouses are all on my list. I’m going through withdrawals.


I’ve just put generic models for TV and communication towers on the wish list.

Feel free to add more examples of other towers and vote for the requirement! :man_pilot:t2:

Same here, it’s one of the first things I noticed. Of course my first flight I went to find my house. I’ve done this flight as an actual pilot in a real plane several times. I used towers and power lines a lot to find things and was missing them.

Also power plant cooling towers, you can see those things for 50-100 miles sometimes and there is one in my area but in the sim there is nothing. I love the sim but I do hope in time these little details get added in. I mean heck there were towers in MSFS 2000 and original X-plane I played many many years ago.

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Oh heck, the Byron Nuclear plant west of me actually puts out enough heat with it’s two towers to affect the weather, lol. Nothing but flat land and cornfields surrounding it for miles, so it’s definitely a good navigational reference. It’s two single story round buildings in the sim. :man_facepalming:

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