Missing Cloud Formations

Here are a couple of Real World Cloud Formations, that I really do not expect to see in MSFS … but I would love to be wrong !!

A really messed up Rainbow:-


Mount Fuji with a “Hat”

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First picture is fake I’m afraid. Been interested in atmospheric optics (rainbows, ice halos, glories/coronas and so on) for years and there’s no phenomenon even remotely similar to that.


I would tend to agree with you … It was posted on a “Beautiful Canada Site”, and that flock of Canadian geese flying through the scene also seem to be a little Over The Top .

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I’d settle for some cirrus clouds to be honest.


Next people will be wishing this sim could be so realistic that when it rains and you open the cockpit you really get wet! :roll_eyes:


Yeah thats fake lmao

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That’d be so cool.

Lets not detract from the validity of the topic. The 2nd picture and other kinds of formations should be the focus and the goal. But at present its not possible because there is only 1 cloud type in MSFS. The absolute minimum has to be 3. We all know its possible, the question is, how important is this to the majority of the community?


I understand what you two mean and why you would say this. I agree with the sentiment.

The overall issue is that this community “settles” way too much over important functions and features, but minor things cause a riot. This is why we only have a single cloud type, and why its likely we will have to wait (possibly years, maybe never, in MSFS) for cirrus & stratus.

If the “press any key” inconvenience brought on such a storm of protest and got changed very fast, why doesn’t the lack of cloud types/formations bring on at least a tiny yelp? But if one were to argue press any key is simple to fix, then I ask how easy is VR? And look how fast, even when unplanned, that got done. Making excuses for how difficult something is, has been revoked.

If this community would rise up for cloud types, so various cloud formations would even be possible, the MSFS development team would deliver, just like they always do. It may take some time, but it will be done.

As it is, topics like this even get ridiculed, as if clouds don’t matter or a single cloud type in MSFS is good enough; so nothing will be done…such a total shame.


Not to be overly personal but do you or have you worked for XPO? Just curious as I used to work LTL for them before I started doing grocery deliveries for a regional convienice store chain.

The Canadian picture looks like a mix of the northern lights, rainbows, and weird atmospheric scattering. Sure seems like it could be fake. Maybe its a real photo that’s been enhanced. Would be cool to see if it was real though.

Hi, nope I haven’t! Many years ago when I set up my X-box live user name, I think in about 2011, I was playing in a band called Xposure. That’s where the name came from. I believe you have to pay to change it so when I left the band I never bothered changing the user name! :slight_smile:

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Noctilucent Clouds are a must!

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I believe you can change your username 1 time, then you must pay to change it after that. I figured I’d ask since you don’t see many people with XPO in their username. :slight_smile:

Wait, there’s not a mod/hardware addon for that???

Just get a relative to stand next to you with the garden hose, adds that extra bit of immersion!

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Ahhh the ol’ lenticular cloud! As silly as this sounds I’ve only ever heard (or re-learned) this through my PPL on weather lol. Thanks John and Martha King for your ground school haha!

This would be cool to see in the sim in VR as I don’t quite have many mountains here in NYC that I’d see that IRL lol .

This. Very much this! ^^^

Yes,we need different cloud types to customize in the custom weather tab because the sim currently has the same type of clouds.

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