Missing Forth Rail Bridge

Why hasn’t MS FS 2020 included the iconic Forth Rail Bridge just outside Edinburgh Scotland UK in its
flight scenery . The bridge been there since 1890 & is a World Heritage site ,? a bit like not including the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. A sad omission

With all due respect, I don’t think you can compare the Golden Gate bridge which is already for many generations included in Flight Simulator and some random bridge in some random country.

A lot of bridges are not in by default. The world is big. Very big.

Wow. So a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a structure every bit as internationally iconic as the Golden Gate Bridge is “some random bridge in some random country”?

On a worlds perspective? Yes :slight_smile:

From someone who hails from a minor insignificant country wedged between Belgium & Germany & famous for what ? Their Tulips, Windmills & Wooden shoes you’ve got a lot of gall to dismiss part of Great Britain as “random” As i recall my country was recently instrumental in liberating you from the
pleasure being included in the Third Reich. Do show some respect !

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It seems particularly railway bridges are omitted. Hohenzollernbrücke in Cologne, Germany, is also a beloved landmark of the city but it is underwater in the sim. Quite hilarious thinking of amount of time and labor to get the cathedral done right, but they missed the iconic bridge direct beside it.

Really? You’re bringing in WWII? :laughing:

My country is indeed minor and insignificant. As is yours. The world is big.

I am moving this to the new Bugs & Issues category, as I know it is still an issue.

No rush ,its only 4months ago that I reported it !

Sorry but I can’t let this go, If you had not been surrounded by WATER you would have been assimilated as well. Remember France in the spring of 1940? Does Dunkirk ring a bell. Seems like you had your arses handed to you as well by the Germans.

Looks like you are going to get your wish. Please see the development update that just posted for a screenshot.

Please note that when the UK update comes (it is being delayed a few days), I will be moving this to #bugs-and-issues:resolved-bugs and closing this.

Excellent news. If the UK update is as good as the recent USA one I and many others will be well pleased !

That is a comment that shows a distinct lack of knowledge.

The Forth Rail Bridge is one of the most iconic in the World, it opened in 1890 and is right up there in terms of world importance.

Some other iconic Bridges in the UK:-
Without doubt and arguably the most important Bridge in the World.
Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol.
Without this Bridge there would be no Golden Gate Bridge, the Clifton Suspension Bridge is another World Heritage structure.

Tower Bridge in London
Humber Bridge in Hull
Severn Bridge near Bristol
Menai Straights Wales

Another cr4p lacking feature is the omission of Blackpool Tower, its 800 feet high and far more important than some rubbish USA landmarks that are included

Just look at the photo real cities included, dozens of USA ones, many totally unknown to us outside the USA yet historically important Cities in the UK are not included, York, Chester, Edinburgh even for goodness sake the most important Theatre in the World is just a white blob, fly over The RSC in Stratford Upon Avon to see what I mean but before you rubbish that comment bear in mind that without William Shakespeare theatre would be vastly different today and Hollywood would not exist in its present form.


Could be. But I do know there’s a huge UK update coming. Did you miss that?

If you did not miss it: then you know my comment from 4 months ago is not that relevant any more, since the bridge will probably be included very soon, as with the rest of your list.

If you did miss it: Seems to be 2 of us with a disticnt lack of knowledge :wink:
If you

Again: THE WORLD IS BIG. You might know your bridges in the UK. As someone not from the UK nor the US, I do know the Golden Gate bridge, but I don’t know the Forth Rail Bridge. Do you agree it would make sense to the team to include the most famous stuff? It’s undoable to include everything, so choices have to be made.

Just now from MSFS with Ultra settings - no Tower

The real Blackpool Tower
Screenshot (233)

As for the Forth Rail Bridge, actual bridge
Forth rail
Forth Road bridges, actual, the old and the new
Forth road

What is in MSFS today but a few blocks coming out of the sea and no rail bridge

I think you’re not reading my posts. Maybe you understand when I post a screenshot.

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Thanks, yes I did the the update info.

It has not yet been released but it does look good.

What I cannot understand is why Portsmouth and Southampton are the UK’s phorgrammetric Cities when others are far more interesting from a historic perspective.

There’s a scenery pack for the all the Forth bridges which I made if anyone is interested

It also includes photogrammetry of the villeges of North and South Queensferry, something which I’m guessing the new UK update won’t include.

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The bridges look good - still too many trees about though giving a weird look to Inchgarvie island which has none (beside the Forth rail Bridge and Deep Sea World etc. This is a UNESCO world heritage site seen from North Queensferry (I live just out of shot at 5 o clock position near the railway station. (

Here it is with GE addon insrt scenery)

This item was delivered as part of World Update 3.