Missing Hobbs Meter in G36

Hi All

The Hobbs meter in the MSFS G36 is missing and I’d like try and add it into our G36 Improvement Mod.

I am new to this so wondered if there were any knowledgeable people here who could give me some pointers? (I’ve also posted in the FS Developers forum)

To fix the issue I believe I need to…

  1. Find the name of the 3d model part in the Bonanza_g36_interior_LOD00.gltf file?
  2. Add a component into our model.xml file using the hobbs template from fs-base-aircraft-common\ModelBehaviorDefs\Asobo\Common\Instrument.xml (lines 421-497)

Looking at the gltf file I can’t find any hour or hobbs meter referenced? Does this mean the model isn’t set up correctly / finished??

Any pointers would be great, trying to reverse engineer at the moment and doing a fair bit of head scratching.

For my own sanity when I come back later to this I am referencing…



https://docs.flightsimulator.com/ht…hsearch=templates&rhhlterm=template templates

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I’m not sure why you would say it isn’t set up “correctly/finished”. It’s set up like it’s set up, and, apparently, they chose not to put a Hobbs meter in the plane. That’s not necessarily “wrong”. Maybe that functionality is in the G1000 and it doesn’t need one?

But, after that, assuming your set on adding one, which is also not “wrong”, your general idea on how to add one sounds correct. I’m not sure, however if you’d have to also model it into the model, too? Maybe editing the template into the gltf does that?

Look for a plane that has one (the C152?) and look how it was done in there. JPLogistics has quite a lot of experience with that plane and might be able to help you out.

Hey @FlyingsCool5650

Glad I’m kinda on the right path. The reason I’ve said it’s wrong or not finished is that they started to model the Hobbs, but then didn’t finish it or perhaps it’s just a placeholder like the circuit breakers.

Either way, I’d like to add as much detail as possible to our G36 Improvement Project. :slight_smile:

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I don’t have a great answer but I’ll share what I know lol

Unfortunately you are correct, opening the model in blender to look there is no node defined there for the hourmeter.

The hourmeter is an htmlgauge defined in the panel.cfg. It works like any other screen, the g1000s, the OAT screen, the bendix radios etc. So you can technically put it anyplace as long as the node is there. For example on the tail or on the OAT

htmlgauge00=Generic/Misc/HourMeter/HourMeter.html, 0,0,317,75

size_mm = 1024,256
pixel_size = 1024,256
texture = $RegistrationNumber ;<----- node id
location = exterior
emissive = 0
htmlgauge00=Generic/Misc/HourMeter/HourMeter.html, 0,0,1024,256

size_mm = 256, 64
texture = $RegistrationNumber
location = interior
painting00=Registration/Registration.html?font_color=white, 0, 0, 256, 64

Surprisingly the Baron does have that node and the hourmeter in the panel.cfg but for some reason its not showing. I poked around a bit looking for a typo or something obvious but nothing stuck out.

I’m not sure, but I don’t think the modelbehavior code is necessary. There’s no template in the 152 for it, unless its buried in a subtemplate of some other gauge, like the rpm maybe since there’s a hobbs there, but there a lot buried in all those files lol

I assume its all taken care of within the gauge code, but I’m not sure.
Gauge is located here:


@WeptBurrito2749 great post thank you!

A pretty steep learning curve for me; but reading your post it looks like I need to create a node where they have modeled the hobbs meter?

Time to download blender and start learning!!! :slight_smile:

In theory yes…again I’m not 100% sure, but if you go down that road I think you have to reanimate the entire cockpit. Everything. This is what Josh (JPLogistics) did and it all started just cause we wanted to open the ■■■■ doors lol. So for months now he’s been neck deep in the model and all the bad coding is on me lol I don’t know squat about blender, all I can do is open a model and look at it…no textures just the grey model.

I can tell you with blender though, you’ll want to the alpha version and you’ll need to find a plugin called msfs2blender? I think its called. I think this one https://github.com/flybywiresim/msfs2blender2msfs

He he, don’t mention opening doors on the G36 mod post, I’ll have far too much work to do! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up on the alpha version of blender and the plugin. I’ll have a download and start digging about.

I’ve currently coding a gauge that saves aircraft state, currently able to save fuel state and some switches between flights and sim uses. After I have the state saving sorted my plan is to add in some things that make the aircraft more alive, e.g. spark plug fouling, hard landings causing damage etc, but that is a loooonnng way down the road.