Missing Iconic Parts of the Country I live in - Malta


It is with pride and I love flying over my island, but I feel very hurt when parts which are iconic are missing: like for example, as I indicated, part of the historic port of Valletta, which dates back to 1530 - I am referring to the break water outside Valletta harbour, picture attached - the break-water itself is not from the 1530 because it was built under the British rule 200 years ago - anyway, another part which is iconic as well is the Cirkewwa Quay which serves for the Gozo crossing.

Anyway can this problem be fixed _ I would love to see a better view as it is, of my island home.

Eugenio Taliana

You could post a request here. There appear to be a few requests already!

OK thanks so much.

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Hi, I agree 100% with you. I have even emailed the Malta Tourism Ministry, The Malta Hotel and Restaurants Association, The Malta Flight Acceademy, The Real Estate Association, to get in touch with a decent programming and animation Company that provide their Airport and Scenery additions on MSFS 2020 as it is the best showcase to Promote Malta as after all it is a Tourist destination and promoted as an aviation hub.

But none seems interested or proactive enought to promote Malta as an interest to expand their own business.It seems that in Malta our entrepreneurs and businesses only seem to waiting for find the bed readymade for them but not working for it.

I have found this here. It’s great photogrammetry scenery. Unfortunately it’s just Valletta and a bit around.

I am Maltese living in Australia who loves flight sim. Just an FYI that Asobo just released announcement that world update 9 will be of Italy and Malta coming mid may.

Exciting times ahead!

At long last . . . thanks.