Missing icons in Tokyo

Holy moly Microsoft!

How could you let out an iconic tower as the Tokyo Tower in this game? Also the royal palace in Tokyo looks like a warehouse!


Seoul is similarly “bad”. No N-Tower, no Lotte Tower (one of the highest skyscraper in the world), no palaces, bridges missing.
To your point: In Tokyo even the rainbow bridge is missing.

Really don’t want to sound whiny, as I’m actually quite satisfied with the sim at this point in time, but these landmarks definitely have to come soon!

My friend told me that the main landmark in Malmö (Sweden) called ‘Turning Torso’ is completely missing.

Oh, I actually didn’t realize that.
I dunno if it’s just my client that didn’t render it, but the Öresund Bridge and Storebælts bridge isn’t there either.

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I think from a purely scenery standpoint there is a huge problem with the fact that Bing was only ever interested in developing 3d for North America and some European cities. For anyone interested in the rest of the world, the experience is frankly pretty disappointing compared with how great the photogrammetry of NYC of San Fran looks. I really worry that their policy is going to be expecting us to pay 3rd party developers to develop these areas. I know Bing is out of their hands, but my biggest wish for this game is that they continue to improve the look of the rest of the world, even if that means breaking down and doing some hand modeling. Even if they just had one person doing that full time it could pay off huge over the next 10 years.

This item was delivered as part of World Update I (1.9.3).