Missing International Airport FAE

Noel Phillips, famed YouTube globe-hopping airline reviewer, recently did a video where he flew into the Faroe Islands (FAE). He said that it was one of the most remarkably beautiful approaches he’s witnessed (and he’s been to the airport at Mt. Everest). So I decided to take the MFS A320neo out for a spin from Scotland to the Faroe Islands and when I arrived, much to my dismay, the runway was a mere hilltop although the airport buildings appear to be there.
Who had the temerity to tear up a perfectly good and quite scenic international airport runway!!??
BTW, A320neos don’t land well on hilltops.

If you look at the Bing Map, the image is very low resolution and it prevented the game AI from generating airport.

Same happened to many airports around the world with Military presence.

Harumph!! Says I with much vehemence. They managed to put in Mattala Rajapaksa and Bing can’t even find it when you search for it in the search box (and no one goes there).

Oh, so that’s why there are missing airports? Very interesting!

You mean Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport, Hambantota, Southern, Sri Lanka?
It doesn’t matter if you can search it or not… what matters is the resolution of the satellite image.