Missing Navigation in Subarctic Regions?

I’m sorry if this has been posted before I couldn’t seem to fidd anything

I did a flight into Svalbard/Longyearbyen ENSB Lat. 78.25 Lon. 15.47 and after getting close to Svalbard the PFD in the A320 (FBW) and the VFR Map stopped working, so I had to do a full visual Approach at 1AM (whoops) with some ALT Tab-ing using Navigraph Charts so I could actually land. is there a WIP for northern Navigation or ismit just dead zone for the moment?

Maybe it mirrors the actual G1000 limitations.

“Navigation using the G1000 is not authorized North of 72° North latitude or South of 70° South latitude due to unsuitability of the magnetic fields near the Earth’s poles. In addition, operations are not authorized in the following regions:

  1. North of 65° North latitude between longitude 75° W and 120° W (Northern Canada).
  2. North of 70° North latitude between longitude 70° W and 128° W (Northern Canada).
  3. North of 70° North latitude between longitude 85° E and 114° E (Northern Russia).
  4. South of 55° South latitude between longitude 120° E and 165° E (region south of Australia and New Zealand).”


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