Missing (or different frequency) LOC for LIPR (rimini) airport

Apparently is missing the LOC for LIPR (rimini) airport, runway 31
It should be on frequency 109.30 but I tried with two different airplanes and didn’t get anything.
Looking at the map it’s shown a NAVAID with code MIR and that’s the official name for that LOC so, I assume, is there with a different frequency.
Is there a way to discover in-game assigned frequency?

One way is to use an external tools like LittleNavMap. The other way is to view the airport in the avionics, such as the G1000 or GNS530. On the modded 530 is a WPT page for all frequencies. If it exists, it would be there.

I’d also double check the nav aid in the world map. Make sure you have the nav info filters in the world map set to “on” then Click on the nav aid and an info box will appear that shows its freq, and some other info.

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oh this is cool… I didn’t notice this feature and it “kinda” solved my problem.
I say kinda because apparently the frequency… is correct but I tried two airplanes already without being able to found this navaid… I’ll try with the C172 such that I would be sure is not something related to the plane itself.