Missing pilot model in some new airplanes ? (P51, L39)

Not sure if it is the right threads but here it is. I bought 2 new airplane models from the store. They are from MS surely. They works fine but there no pilot model present contrary to the market store pictures. Do I have to set something up ? They are quite required on external cams shots.

(L-39) Neither do I, and with the default pilot figures I can see their legs in the air

(L-39) I used to have problem with the hanging legs, now there are no pilots in the aircraft, whatever pilot avatar I select

In addition, the custom camera positions in the cockpit don´t work properly when I load them

Well, ok then. I am not buying anything else until they get me that pilot head as shown in the MP.

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I just picked up an L-39 model from the store and notice there is no pilots from the exterior view. Does it require some kind of base pack?

I also get this as well with the T6

Oh maybe its a bug. Would love to buy the entire RENO pack but I think I will wait for the bugs to be sorted first.
I did send a bug report although it may have already been reported by many users.

I thought this was resolved along with the bug that has the pilots legs reaching out of the fuselage,but as it seems,it isn’t
I also have the Reno P51 and that as well has no pilot

Did you try to select the default pilot avatar under the MISC menu?

I bought the p51 lady B some time ago and had this issue. Put it away because of this and other issues and just jumped back in thinking it would surely be fixed, but avatar still missing. I’ve done all suggested solutions listed in this thread, still no success.

Anyone know of any other solutions that worked?

Does anyone, who has the complete set of planes for the Reno Pack experience this problem with missing Pilots? In my case all the pilots are there, and military pilots from Maverick Pack also work, at least I can see them in the cockpit.
So, currently I think (I can not confirm), that if this is a bug, this effects only those simmers who bought a selected plane/planes (most probably without a “common” one, a “clear” P-51D Mustang and, may be, the L-39C ) and they have to report officially this bug and continue reminding. But before, just try to reinstall the pack (restarting the sim after deinstallation) and with clean Community folder an clean all the cash folders you know.
Also, you can try some free Avatars from here - Avitar Series – Got Friends

In my case I have all the planes from the Reno Pack and as you see in the picture above, I see a pilot in the cockpit of the P-51 Lady B/