Missing RNP Approach for RWY 33 at LOWS

Hello, i just found out that there is no RNP RWY33 App possible in LOWS when i fly wit the TBM. Latest Navigraph is active. I could only do a visual app for 33. Any idea why?

The G3000 in the TBM is not certified to fly RNP AR (Authorization Required) approaches, so the avionics filters out those and you can’t select them. This is per the real plane.


Oh ! Really ? :wink:
I did a lot of RNP Visual APR with the TBM930 at LOWS …
Initial approach is RNP but final is visual !
Navigraph LOWS RNP Visual V RWY 33


As you see i can only choose ILS / RNAV for 15 but nothing except visual for 33

From what I can tell, that all seems correct for the G3000.

The RNAV approaches for RW15 have LPV / LNAV+V minima defined.

The RNAV approaches for RW33 are Authorization Required.

This is all as designed it would appear to me.

Screenshot 2024-03-04 111722