Missing SIDS/STARS RW18-36 at LINATE LIML Since Dec 19th 2023 Update

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SIDS and STARS for RW18 and RW36 at LIML have disappeared from the WorldMap drop-dawn menu After the Dec 19th 2023 update.Used to be there all the time even for a flight ended just before this update.
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Select an IFR low-high alt flight to deepart from RW 18 or 36 and look for a Sid .They are not in the menu anymore.Only available options are for RW 35 which is a short track not suitable for liners.
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Dec 19th 2023

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I cannot replicate this.
Do you have an IFR (either low or high airways) plan selected?

Yes : Dep LIML Arr. LIPZ . You can only select SIDs from RW 35 .Used to select RW 36 . I did several identical flights before (my training route).

The same if for STARS .Cannot do a ILS landing on RW36 which is the the only one

From your pic you can notice that you can choose departures from RW 35 or 17 only.

That’s because the runways have been changed in their numbering.


No way …Checked LittleNavMap too. Both RW 35 and 36 still exist.


OK, need more coffee!

The Map Planner shows 17/35 as the small runway, and the sids line up with that.
I had just checked the dropdown and didn’t realize that!


The problem is, that the stock scenery is completely outdated and the stock navdata are assigned to the wrong runways.

Look on the stock airport:

You see you have two runways 17/35 (which was and is completely wrong and doesn´t exist) and 18/36 which is the main runway. Now the runway-idents of the main runway 18/36 are changed to 17/35 that means, the stock navdata (@TheSevenflyer no one speak from our data!) are assigned to the smaller wrong runway … which is also wrong.

There are multiple issues here …



Thanks Richard, I really appreciate your input !!


It took me a while to realize that!! Thanks for your support. Hope this will be fixed.It’s not a great issue of course but I wonder how many other airports have a similar problem and the simmers haven’t realized it yet .I noticed that because I was doing a raw of flights on the same route testing different airplanes and all of a sudden…after the update I found that.

I’ve have noticed that this thread has been ticked as “solution”…

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Approx. 327 airports world-wide (smaller and larger ones), based on the current cycle 2312. This value is not a static value and goes up and down a little bit from cycle to cycle (+ from MSFS update to MSFS update).



Richard, thank you for the info…I don’t feel alone LOL.


High Richard, I’ve further investigated this issue on the ENAV site (Enav is the italian air navigation authority in Italy) : the real fact ,I wasn’t aware of, is that the RW36/18 have really been renamed RW35/17 since some years ago. See attached pics of the old and new SID charts. This has been done due to the cumulated shift of the Magnetic Nord that required this change .
What I find really weird is that this change has partially been taken over by the SIM which is assigning the new correct RWs numbers to the short GA unnamed RW. Also LNM is showing the old RWs numbers.
As you said,there are many issues here…

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Do we know if this can be fixed in the World Hub? I know we can change the runway ident to the correct values in sim, but I don’t know if we have access to ensure the navdata aligns correctly so the ILS becomes functional.

I’ve noticed this at several airports and would be happy to work in World Hub (recently got Alpha access) if we know this can be fixed using that tool.

And issue seems to still persist. Default navdata still giving old short runway as 17/35 and LNAV guides aircraft towards it… but if for example ILS rwy 35 approach planned, STAR guides aircraft to old rwy 35 but track intercepts just the amount needed to capture the localizer, after that aircraft leans right and goes for new rwy 35. Of course it shouldn’t still be like this. :smile:

And unfortunately no (at least freeware) scenery available where rwy designators would have been fixed.

LIML is actually unflyable with airliners IMO.So ,as a temporary solution, when flying in that area I moved to LIMC hoping that this issue will be solved soon.