Missing Texture for Tyatya Volcano, Kunashir Island

It looks like the texture for this volcano may be missing:

Can still land on it, though :slightly_smiling_face::

As you can see, nearby peaks are snow covered:

In Bing, it looks like this:

When zoomed in:

Directions to get there:
The nearest large airport is Mendeleyevo (UHSM). The volcano is 34 NM Northeast @ 55 degrees magnetic.


FYI, @DestinedWind530 photographed this in October 2021, so its not a new issue.

Partial Specs & settings:
Build: SU15B v1.37.12.0
3rd-Party Addons: None, Community Addons: None
i7-12700K (No overclocking), 32 GB 5200 MHz DDR5 CL40, Arc 770 (16GB, v31.0.101.5333).
Graphics Tab: TAA, Render resolution 1700x960 @ 125, AMD Fidelity - 150, VSync - On, FRL - 100% MRR (60 Hz), HDR10 - Off, DX12B, TLOD @ 250, OLD @ 200, Motion Blur - Off, Other settings - all Ultra (Water Waves & Glass Cockpit Refresh Rate @ High).
Data Tab: Data Connection: All six options - On, Data Limit - Off, Bandwidth - Unlimited, Rolling Cache - Off
Developers Tab: Developer Mode - Off
MSFS Version: MS-Store, Standard, plus All WUs & City Updates