Missing Throttle/Prop/Mixture input percentages on labels

Before the latest update there used to be a indicator/label when hovering the mouse over the Throttle, Prop speed and Mixture levers which showed the current input percentage being used (i.e Throttle 74%, Prop 65%, etc) . This was useful for multi-engine aircraft when balancing the prop speed to keep it sync’d up. Now the labels only say “Throttle”, “Prop”, etc. without indicating what the current percentage is. Has anyone figured out a way to revert this back to the way it was?

Thanks in advance!

left klick and hold resolves your problem.

Thank you very much. Unfortunately it seems as though this is only possible in “Lock” mode under Accessibility. Is there any way that to show this in Legacy mode or no? The description boxes are much too large and has too much data for my tastes.

Thanks again!


Yeah, I don’t know why they are forcing those large arcade fonts on the PC simulator. They need to restore the legacy descriptions and fonts for “legacy” mode!!!

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So true. I did turn down the interface scaling which helps a little bit but it’s still way too much info. I don’t need to know what button/control to press to adjust the throttle!

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I already made a voting thread for it. I think this is the same wish.

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Dynamic Tooltips! That’s exactly what I was looking for, I just couldn’t figure out the correct wordage for what it was. Hope they address this in a future update

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