Missing Trees in Appalachia

I enjoy flying in the Appalachia region of the US, I find it to be beautiful (or it was). All the trees have disappeared from that region ROA,SHD,MGW,CRW, etc . I purchased the ORBX CRW scenery and its a mess, I have one side of the field with trees and the other that looks like something out of the roman empire (where trees should be. Any help would be amazing thanks!

Hey @Tjones9234. Welcome back to the forums. When posting issues like this, it is always best to drop in some screenshots (and locations) to show what you are seeing. Folks can then check those areas themselves to verify. It is also a good idea to post any 3rd party scenery addons you have installed along with Orbx.

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First step is to remove all add-ons and fly a vanilla sim, especially if those add-ons impact the area you’re seeing scenery defects in.

how is this done? delete the scenery in the marketplace? Can i get it back?

You still own items from the marketplace after you delete them using the content manager.

thank you very much, ill give it a shot

No joy, still a complete mess inn crw

I too have noticed the trees missing after World Update X. Take a look at the Laurel Highlands in Pennsylvania, these mountain ridges were covered with 3D trees before the update. Now we only have a flat texture mapped to the terrain.
This photo was taken just southeast of KLBE.

Near Johnstown the trees come back abruptly. See screen shot with F18 Hornet

I hope we get our trees back in South Western PA

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it seems to be that specific region, and the Shenandoah valley. Really frustrating, thanks for sharing

I have the impression, with WU10 there are quite often treeless “holes” in the scenery at least in the U.S.
Maybe tree detection algorithms with new terrain data failed.
BTW: if you fly high enough, treeless areas look more realistic than with rendered trees :grinning: