Missing us poi's?

Many US POI’s are missing despite ensuring POI’s are enabled in Options/Assistance/Navigation. Particularly noticeable in the New York Area. London and Japan are performing as usual.

Deleting/re-installing the US POI package was not effective.

Where do the US POI files live. I would like to try to delete the file and attempt a re-install from the Content Manager.

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These POI’s should be still there, when you installed the US update scenery from Market Place.

What altitude did you fly over ? Can you post some screenshots please ?

If you find a reinstall doesn’t work for you then this thread may be of interest. Others are also reporting missing POIs over the NYC region after the last update of the POI files:

yes lotsa missing ones…i guess that last update did that…

Are we talking POI markers or POI’s ?

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Poi markers are missing. Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, etc. are still there — just no POI markers.

Flying over Manhattan at 1500 feet. Screenshots would simply show the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, etc. with no POI markers, I.e., nothing to see.

did you disable the POI markers from your settings? (assistance submenu)

No. Definitely enabled. Please note there are others experiencing this.

In that case I would suspect a mod conflict. Rename your community folder temporarily, to see if the problem persists then (can always rename it back after testing).

Tried it with stock VL-3,and just WT GX3, but for certainty, I’ll try with no add-Ins at all.

I am having this issue despite using no mods.

The Sugarloaf Mountain is now a PoI in Rio de Janeiro, but the Cristo the Redeemer statue and Metropolitan Cathedral markers have disappeared.

Just download this mod to restore the missing 16,000 US POI. You could also browse through their other POI mods, they have about 20 of them around the world. That should restore every missing POI that you have.

Thanks for the idea.

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